A perpetual calendar: An original decoration for your table and a great gift idea

A perpetual calendar shaped as a cute animal will brighten up the beginning of your day!

You can change the date by simply turning over the cubes. Now you definitely won’t forget what day it is today: )

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One more important advantage of the calendar is that unlike usual calendars it will serve you many years! Cubes with dates, months and days of the weeks are not interconnected, so whatever year it is now, you will always be able to set the necessary date.

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I think you will agree that a cute animal reminding you what day it is today will look fancy on your desktop.

The calendar is made of poliresin – durable, light, ecologically clean, waterproof and fireproof material.

The size is very compact, around 6 х 7 х 9cm.

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You can choose among numerous variations: monkeys and elephants, penguins and bears, and even a fully equipped astronaut. Which one will you choose?

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Hurry to purchase a calendar through the links below:

Penguin 🐧

Brown bear 🐻

Elephant 🐘

Astronaut 👩🏻‍🚀

Panda 🐼

Polar bear しろくま の絵文字

Monkey 🐵

Article| 10/02/2018 | Toys/Game