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The Best 15 Japanese Snacks that Everyone Should Try

One of the best things about Japan is the food!

From ramen and sushi to takoyaki and tempura, the options are as endless as they are tasty.

However, this excellence in quality even extends to packaged snacks, sweets, and of course, chocolate. For those with a sweet tooth, Japan is a haven.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best Japanese snacks, as well as where to buy these Japanese snacks online.

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1. Black Thunder

black thunder

If you are a fan of chocolate, you’ll be downright offended that Black Thunder hasn’t made it big outside of Japan yet.

The best way to describe the chocolate is a mix between Twix and an Oreo cookie. Black Thunder is a cocoa cookie bar with rice crisps, completely covered in milk chocolate.

There are a variety of special and limited edition flavors, such as matcha, white chocolate, almond, and many more.

I personally recommend the Black Thunder Gold Minis and the Black Thunder Volt.

But don't just take my word for it, after 7 years of living in Japan and approximately $800 USD spent on chocolate, see what this expat has to say about Black Thunder. 




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2. Pure Sour Candies

Pure Gummy

If you’re a fan of sour gummy candies, Japan has its fair share of these products.

One of the most famous that you can find in virtually every Japanese convenience store is the Pure Gummy brand by Kanro candy company.

At just around 110 yen ($1 USD) a bag, these sour candies have the perfect ratio of sourness and sweetness. Aside from the staple lemon and grape flavors, the company releases limited and seasonal flavors all year round.

For example, check out this Pikachu collaboration with Pokemon. If it is good enough for Pikachu, then you should at least try it! 



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3. Hi-Chew


For both children and young adults, Hi-Chew is one of the most popular chewy candies in Japan.

Similar to the Starburst and Fruitella candies in North America, Hi-Chew is soft, sweet, and as the name suggests, chewy. It comes in countless fruit and sour flavors.

The candy is so popular that Japanese brand Morinaga created an English version of their Hi-Chew website for international buyers.

Want to know how this international sensation is made? Check out the video. 


Click Here to Buy Hi-Chew (Worldwide Shipping)


4. Royce Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Royce Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Are you a fan of both the sweet and savory?

Well, you’re in luck, because chocolate-covered potato chips provide the best of both worlds.

Royce is a famous chocolate brand from the Northern prefecture of Hokkaido, Japan. They are a very popular souvenir that tourists bring back from their travels.

Royce’s chocolate-covered potato chips are more of a luxury item than a snack, and the price reflects that. However, they are well worth the price. With multiple chocolate flavors, these chips are a must-try.

Pro Tip
: Keep them in the fridge before and after eating, as they taste much better chilled.

When you buy a box of Royce Chocolate Covered Potato Chips this is what you expect for your money



Click Here to Buy Royce Chocolate Potato Chips (Worldwide Shipping)


5. Royce Baton Cookies

Royce Baton Cookies

Also from the Royce company, their rich baton cookies are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had in my life.

They are thin, rich, and packed with flavor. Each cookie comes individually wrapped, so the box is perfect for sharing and will keep for a long time without going stale.

From hazelnut and cacao to cheese and matcha, there are so many flavors to choose from.

However, I personally recommend the coconut / hazelnut mixed pack, so that you can try two of their best flavors in one box. The coconut flavor is very light, so you don’t have to worry about oversized chunks of coconut getting in the way of you enjoying your cookies.



Click Here to Buy Royce Baton Cookies (Worldwide Shipping)


6. Meiji Chocolate Almonds

Meiji Chocolate Almonds

If you don’t want to break the bank buying imported snacks, you’re in luck. Japan’s more affordable chocolates are of high-quality as well.

Meiji is a famous Japanese chocolate brand that could be referred to as the Hershey of Japan. Korean company Lotte and Japanese company Meiji dominate a large part of the chocolate market in the country. 

One of the best Meiji products are their chocolate covered almonds.

Usually, just around 200 yen ($2 USD) a box, they provide great value and are highly addictive.

Japanese chocolate tends to be less sweet than American chocolate. Although it’s not recommended, it is so easy to lose track and just eat an entire box in one sitting.

Remember, just because they have almonds doesn’t mean they’re healthy, but they sure are delicious! As a bonus, if you aren’t a fan of almonds, Meiji also offers chocolate-covered macadamia nuts at around the same price.

Some of you might find it amusing to know that soccer superstar David Beckham actually did a series of adverts for Meiji's chocolate covered almonds - So if you end up loving them, know you are in good company! 



Click Here to Buy Meiji Chocolate Almonds (Worldwide Shipping)


7. Jagarico


From large potato chip manufacturer Calbee, Jagarico is pretty much potato chips shaped like french fries.

They come in small cans normally priced around 100 yen ($1 USD), and are available in a variety of flavors, including cheese, potato butter, and vegetables as the main flavors.

If you’re looking for a new savory snack to eat while gaming or even during drinking parties, definitely give Jagarico a try.

I couldn't tell you why, but Calbee insists on sticking with some, let's say, interesting, ways to advertise their Jagarico potato chips...



Click Here to Buy Jagarico (Worldwide Shipping)


8. Black Bean Senbei (Rice Crackers)

Black Bean Senbei

While you can find chocolate, candies, and chips in other countries, one snack food that is unique to Japan and other Asian countries is senbei (rice cracker).

There are countless different flavors, sizes, and ingredients used to make Japanese senbei, with certain types unique to each Japanese prefecture. Among the most popular are black bean senbei, which can be found at most grocery and convenience stores.

They are salty with a slight sweetness and include whole roasted black beans to munch on. If you have never tried senbei before, black bean senbei would be a great place to start.


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9. in Jelly

In Jelly

Another popular snack for both children and adults are jelly packs, which is pretty much watery jello.

While that might not sound so great, in Jelly packs are the perfect snack for a hot day.

At around 150 to 250 yen ($1 - $2.25 USD), they are normally fruit-flavored and jam-packed with tons of vitamins and minerals to help strengthen your body.

The grapefruit and grape flavors are highly recommended. Eating the jelly out of a pack may take some getting used to, but once you do, you’ll sure be glad that you did.


in Jelly is so well known throughout Japan, it's not surprising that they were able to frequent collaborations with large brands such as Shonen Jump featuring One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and many of the adverts feature famous Japanese athletes...



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10. Koala’s March

Koala’s March

Made by Lotte, Koala’s March has been around since 1984 and was popular enough to be sold in the United States.

These Koala-shaped biscuits are filled with chocolate or strawberry filling, and there are other, more rare flavors, including matcha and white chocolate.

The packs are priced around 100 yen ($1 USD) and can be found in virtually every Japanese supermarket and convenience store.

If you like chocolate biscuits or cookies, this is one of the best Japanese snacks for you.  



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11. Pocky


You can’t talk about Japanese snacks without mentioning Pocky.

From the Glico chocolate and confectionery company, Pocky is a brand of stick-shaped biscuits coated in milk chocolate, strawberry chocolate, matcha, and many other flavors.

The snack is so popular that it has been sold in the United States, Canada, and many other countries.

However, Japan often has special flavors not sold anywhere else in the world, including strawberry chocolate, chocolate coconut, chocolate almonds, and much, MUCH more.

You can check out some just a few of the flavors that Japan has to offer in the tasting video below



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12. YanYan


From Meiji, YanYan is another incredibly popular stick-shaped biscuit.

The snack comes in a can with stick biscuits and a small container of Nutella-like chocolate dip.

YanYan is eaten by dipping the stick in the chocolate before consumption. There is also a version of YanYan that comes with a container that has both chocolate and sprinkles.

While the snack is more aimed toward children, it is incredibly delicious and recommended for people of all ages.



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13. Umaibo


Umaibo is a Japanese snack that literally translates to “delicious stick”.

It is a corn puff snack that comes in various flavors and is among the cheapest snacks available in Japan. The overall flavor and texture is comparable to cheese puffs.

Many convenience stores sell them individually for just 25 yen ($0.25 USD) or you can buy them in large packs that average out to around 10 yen ($0.10 USD) or less per stick.

It is a great savory snack to stock up on at home or to hand out at children’s parties.

If you are looking for a more in-depth breakdown of these delicious snacks check out this helpful video that features 5 different flavors you can get here in Japan.



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14. Kit Kat

Kit Kat

Since Kit Kat is made by Nestle, a Swiss company, we almost didn’t include it on this list. However, there are incredibly unique Kit Kat flavors available in Japan that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

There are some flavors like ice cream or cheesecake that are only available for a limited time and other flavors like Houjicha or Matcha that are available all year round.

However, the most eclectic flavors can be found at airports and souvenir shops.

Some of the wildest flavors include sake (Japanese rice wine), wasabi, and baked potato.


If you are looking for a complete guide to Japanese Kit Kat flavors check out this video back from 2018, where they try over 100 different Japanese Kit Kat flavors and to figure out which this the best! (Kit Kat has added even more flavors since then!) 



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15. Gaba “For Sleep” Chocolate

Gaba “For Sleep” Chocolate

Yes, you read that correctly. A company in Japan has created a box of chocolates that can be eaten before bed.

These chocolates include GABA, a chemical that works as a sleep aid.

GABA is a neurotransmitter that is supposed to relieve anxiety and help you feel relaxed. With that said, Gaba “For Sleep” tastes just like any other milk chocolate, without any weird medicinal flavor at all.

I’ve personally tried it, and after 2-3 pieces you really do start to feel sleepy. This effect will vary per person of course depending on your body type.

If you love chocolate and have trouble sleeping, give these a try.



Click Here to Buy Gaba “For Sleep” Chocolate (Worldwide Shipping)


Above were just some of the best Japanese snacks in Japan. While these are some of the most popular snacks in the country, there are countless more Japanese confectionaries to be discovered. What are your favorite Japanese snacks? 


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Article| 25/03/2021 | Japanese food


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