Top 7 ZenPlus Blogs of 2019

As we are in a new year and decade, we want to express how grateful we are for your support and excitement you’ve shared for ZenPlus. At an early stage in our journey, the ZenPlus community has already become such a great community. Thank you!

In February, we launched our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube communities, which have a collective number of 10,000 followers. Although our new site is still in production, we have a growing mailing list of more than 3,000 people worldwide. Largely thanks to you guys for spreading the word and inviting friends! We must also thank all the wonderful influencers we have worked with this year.

In November, we released our brand new logo to help refresh our look as we are getting ready for a brand new e-commerce site. 

Our team is working harder than ever to make the ZenPlus experience better than ever before, and we can’t wait to have an even better 2020.

In the meantime, let’s look back on what you loved in 2019. Here are our Top 7 most read blogs of 2019. Which ones did you miss?


1. The Top 8 Japanese Watch Brands You Need To Know About In 2019

The Top 8 Japanese Watch Brands

Japan has a large watchmaking industry that will change your life forever. Home to the likes of the astounding G-Shock and Seiko to newer brands like Minase and Knot. There’s no denying that Japan is helping shape the future of the modern watchmaking industry.

Making shopping for the best watch for your hard-earned money intimidating, but we’re here to help you out. Here are our top 8 Japanese watch brands picked by our ZenPlus watch enthusiasts.




2. The Official SNK Store on ZenPlus

The official SNK Store is now on ZenPlus

Earlier last year, we were delighted to announce that the official SNK international store is now on ZenPlus. As we're sure you know, you can now find Japan-limited SNK games and accessories on our official global store and get them delivered to you anywhere in the world. What will you get?




3. How To Save Money By Buying Pre-loved Bags From Japan

How to save Money by buying pre-loved bags from Japan

You can ask almost anyone, and they will say their designer bag is the best fashion purchase they ever made. A high-end bag can polish off any outfit and make you look luxurious no matter what you’re wearing. Sure, some designer trends might come and go, but beautiful designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, etc., are in it for the long haul. On an average budget, luxury bags might be entirely out of the question. That is how shopping from Japan can help you save money by buying authentic designer handbags at lower prices. 




4. Understanding Japan's Mascot Obsession

Understanding Japan's Mascot Obsession

Japan is overrun with adorable yet sometimes crazy mascots. They are everywhere from chain stores to city councils, and during the past few years, they have increased in popularity immensely. It’s gotten to the point where the Japanese government has started to crack down on the numbers. You may have read our previous blog five popular Japanese mascots about one species of mascots called “yuru-kyara.” Local governments and the general public design them. Their amateurish nature is what makes them so loveable.




5. Our 5 Favorite Fishing Reels

Top Japanese Fishing Reels

Anglers have long been fans of fishing reels made in Japan. They are sturdy, durable, and top quality. They are also quite expensive to purchase outside of the country, which often deters hobbyists. However, with our service, you can buy reels straight from Japan and have them shipped to you for much cheaper than buying from your home countries! In addition to being able to find great reels on our fishing stores, you can also find well-kept second-hand reels, which can often save you even more money.




6. The Best Japanese Used Clothing Stores

ZenPlus staff give you a rundown on their top stores to grab a bargain from

 Autumn is finally here, and you’re probably thinking of upgrading your closet with new stylish Japanese clothing. Japanese clothing can be quite expensive and can leave a big hole in your wallet. However, luckily, you can find high-quality apparel and accessories at unbelievable prices from Japan. By shopping on the best secondhand clothing stores on ZenPlus where you can find anything from graphic tees to new Chanel bags. Here’s a quick guide to some of our recommended second-hand clothing stores perfect for your fall wardrobe.




6. Top 6 Lolita Clothing Brands in Japan

Our Top 6 Lolita clothing brands in 2019

We've been getting a lot of questions since our "How To Buy Lolita Fashion From Japan" blog. The most prominent question which we have seen all over our social networks is, "What are the top lolita brands in Japan?"

That's why we're here today to give you a rundown on the biggest lolita brands that you should know. It is tricky to shop when you don't know the best Japanese brands to buy. Whether you're looking to buy a full coordinate or accessories for a gift, we're sure you will be able to find a store you like in this guide.




2019, has been a massive year for us, and we're genuinely thankful for your continuous support. We are so excited to see what 2020 has in store for ZenPlus. 


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Article| 08/01/2020 | zenplus