4 Affordable Pilot Fountain Pens For Beginners

Last year, Pilot’s fountain pen turned 100 years old. Can you believe that these amazing pens have been around for that long? That’s right, in 1918, PILOT corporation finished developing a fountain pen that was entirely made in Japan, and ever since then, they have been the pioneers of the pen industry. 

Fountain pens make a statement and are the classiest writing instrument around. Writing with one of these fine pens is considered to be an art form. However, a lot of people aren’t aware that you don’t have to be a professional to use one, especially if you love writing or drawing. 

Ordinary pens usually require you to add some pressure to write, but fountain pens use a capillary system, which means that when you touch the nib to paper, the ink will automatically flow to the point. 

Some fountain pens are better at some things than others, which is why we wrote this list of our top 4 Affordable Pilot Fountain Pens For Beginners that are worth your hard-earned cash.


4. Kakuno Special Alloy Nib Extra Fine/Thin/Medium

 If you’re looking for a brilliant pen that is great for beginners, then look no further than the Pilot Kakuno Fountain pen. This pen abandons the usual metallic finish with a colorful body and cap that is available in several cute cheerful colors. If you think it’s attractive enough already, you’ll smile when you find the little smiley face adorning the nib.

Kakuno Fountain Pen

It is truly perfect for students wanting to write with a great fountain pen. Although the chunky body and range of colors may appeal to students more, this doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed at work either. It’s a great pen no matter what your experience is with writing with fountain pens.

The Kakuno Special is lightweight, sturdy, and feels great when writing. Despite the small price tag, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. If you decide to move on to a different Pilot pen later, you can quickly move the nib as it is interchangeable.

If you’re interested in purchasing this pen, we recommend you take note of the different nibs available. The EF nib gives an engraved feeling when writing whereas the F nib feels like you’re writing on ice and the letters appear simultaneously. 


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3. Prela Iro-Ai

 If you love writing in different colored ink, then this is the pen for you. The Prelaa Fountain Pen Collection has a short skeleton body with seven casual colors infused in the crown and tail. With its clear resin barrel, you’re able to showcase the colored ink you’re using. And the best thing about it? It is equipped with a vacuum-sealed cap that protects the quality nib, stops your ink from drying out and blotting on writing surfaces.

Various Prela Iro-Ai colors

The Prela iro-ai has a broader section and less obvious step, making it more comfortable to hold and write for an extended time. It is also compatible with other interchangeable steel-nibbed pens from Pilot. Priced at a low affordable price, it is well worth the purchase.

We tested the medium calligraphy nib version of this pen. Although none of us our professional calligraphers it made writing Japanese and English with some flair and personality a whole lot easier. If you’re not a fan of the nib that it originally comes with don’t fret, it is interchangeable with several other steel-nibbed Pilot pens. 


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2. Penmanship Pen Extra Fine

 A great pen for both beginners and experienced fountain pen users. The fine nib gives you tight control over technical lettering and drawing. For a long time, Japanese beginner pens only offered fine nibs. But thanks to the Penmanship you can now try this fantastic nib without paying a lot of money for it. Trying out this pen alone is well worth the money.

Penmanship pen extra fine

The nib features wing clips to attach itself to the feed but does not offer any options for adjustments. If you want to use this nib in other ways, you can easily detach it from the original feed, and attach it to another Pilot fountain pen.

If you’re looking for a pen that is easy to use, helps to position your hand correctly, and doesn’t cause any discomfort, then this is the perfect fountain pen for you. We are sure you’ll have a hard time finding a more reliable extra-fine nibbed pen that is cheaper than this one. It’s great for sketching.


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1. Pilot Custom 74

 The Pilot Custom 74 is a much more classic-looking pen than the other pens we have discussed so far. When you first receive this gorgeous pen, it will come in the famous Pilot black clamshell box alongside a Pilot cartridge. The Pilot Custom is available in several different nib sizes from F to B and different colored barrels from smoke black to violet colors. All look and write fantastically. 

Pilot Custom 74 fountain pen calligraphy

The pen itself has fantastic curves, and the end of the cap is a nice round ball. It is a little on the bigger size and measures 14cm with the screw-on lid attached. Although it is quite larger than other fountain pens we have discussed, it is a perfect weight; it isn’t too heavy or too light. Even with small hands, it fits and writes well. Check out popular pen YouTuber The Pen Habit reviewing the Pilot Custom 74, below. 


Like other Pilot nibs, you can detach it by merely twisting the nib and pulling it out. It is truly one of the finest fountain pens we have used for the price. Not only is it stunning, but it also writes and draws incredibly well. We highly recommend it if you want a custom pen on a budget. 


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So, that’s our 4 Affordable Pilot Fountain Pens For Beginners. Which one do you want the most? We definitely can't get over the smiley face on the nib of the Kakuno! Let us know through our social networks below, we can’t wait to hear from you all.


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Article| 10/08/2019 | zenplusstationery