5 Items Any Modern Day Ninja Needs!

Japan’s era of the ninja is far gone, but there are still modern ninjas continuing the ancient art. Ninjas are all about mystery and zen, so what’s a better place to learn about Ninjas than ZenMarket? 

Luckily, researchers have analyzed the ninja/shinobi in great details and have concluded that they are real. However, almost everything we know about Japanese ninja is tainted by pop culture and ancient exaggerations. With folktales and romanticized pop culture in the mix, knowing the full truth about the ninja is a challenge. However, what we do know is that the ninja were Japanese spies, trained in Ninjutsu to cause deception. According to the Ninja Museum in Japan; “ A person who uses Ninjutsu is a Ninja,” which technically means anyone could become a ninja.


According to multiple sources, some ninja leaders came from Samurai, but a lot of low-ranking ninjas were villagers and farmers who learned ninjutsu. Like them, you can also become an exceptional ninja with a little experience in ninjutsu and owning the following shinobi goods picked by our ZenPlus ninjas:


1. Ninja Swords (Ninjatou)

Mini Ninja replica swordAll Ninjas should have the right tools but having the right sword can take some poking around for. Having a lousy sword to trick your opponents with is not a good step for anyone looking to become a renowned ninja. Ninja swords (ninjato) should be short (less than 60 cm in length), so your opponents misjudge how long it takes for you to pull it out.

Your ninja sword should also be straighter and thicker than the traditional Japanese sword, perfect for any battle in narrow spaces and areas.

Replicas of the Shinobis favorite weapon are at the Ninja museum in Mie Prefecture, but you can get mini ninja swords via our new Shinobi store on ZenPlus. Unlike western remakes, these swords are not inspired by pop culture. Instead, they intend to make the ninja live on. Having a replica made in Japan is something any modern-day ninja should have.


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2. Jika Tabi (Split Toe) Shoes

Jika Tabi shoes made in Japan

You can’t be a modern-day ninja without a pair of tabi shoes! For those who think these are just a ninja gimmick are entirely wrong, there’s so much more to this minimalist footwear. Your big toe generally wants to splay out, but regular footwear prevents that natural movement. Tabi shoes stop this by being kind of like sandals with added protection around your feet. Thanks to the superior tactile contact with the ground (provided by the flexible sole), these shoes are still popular with those who want to feel the terrain under their feet including carpenters, rickshaw-pullers, martial art lovers, and modern-day ninjas.  

Also, due to the split-toe design, your grip ability is enhanced so you can climb up walls and trees quickly making these shoes essential for any real-life ninja.


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3. Ninja Weapons (Shuriken) - Throwing Stars & Knives

Buy rubber shuriken on ZenPlus

These simple weapons are the warrior's hidden hand blades to throw at their enemies. Shuriken (throwing stars or ninja stars) were constructed from a wide array of everyday items and came in an extensive range of sizes. They are supplementary weapons to your sword and ninja fan, but the art of wielding these weapons (shurikenjutsu) is a lot tricker than it may seem. For those who are unable to attend the martial arts curriculum of many famous ninja schools in Japan, we recommend the next best thing, YouTube tutorials.


For any modern-day ninja, these rubber shuriken sets are essential to distract or annoy your opponent without causing any unwanted harm.


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4. Ninja Fans

Ninja fans on ZenPlus

Ninja fans may seem innocent at first glance, but they are known as the Japanese war fan. The weapon was produced in different sizes and shapes and used by ninjas who wanted to be armed discreetly.  It was notably prevalent among female ninja warriors.

There are three types of Japanese war fans, Gunsen, Tessen, and Gunbai. Gunsen fans are average fans (like the one above) used by ordinary warriors to keep them in the zen mood and cool themselves off. These are typically made of lightweight but durable material to keep them from breaking during combat. Warriors would usually hang them from their belt.

Luckily, the fans on our Ninja store are Gunsen and do not have any hidden spikes nor are they made of solid iron.


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5. Ninja Clothing

Ninja clothing on ZenMarket

Transform into a silent warrior with the help of these authentic Japanese ninja clothes. Not only will you look cool, but it’s also practical to protect yourself by moving swiftly when you’re out being a modern-day ninja.

With all the above you’ll be the best ninja on your block.


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Article| 08/05/2019 | Pop culturezenplus