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What Hat Best Represents Your Cat’s True Personality?

If you’ve been looking for the latest and cutest in pet fashion, look no further! Kitan Club, purveyors of mini figures usually found in gachapon machines, has been pushing out collection after collection of the most adorable cat hats. Want to transform your feline friend up as a Pokemon? You most certainly can! What about a simple fruit? They’ve got bananas and peaches and even pineapples. Wonder what your kitty looks like as a cuddly bear? Probably super cute.

With so many choices available, we’ve come up with a quiz to help you find the best hat that will allow your kitty to truly shine!  


Which word best describes your cat?
Which of the following would your cat “gift” you?
How many friends does your cat have?
What would your cat knock off the table?
Which outfit would your cat rock for Halloween?
Lastly, how cute would your cat look in a cat hat?

Article| 18/01/2019 | quiz