7 Quirky K-POP Fandom Light Sticks

K-Pop wouldn't be the same without having the fandom light sticks. K-Pop fans used to wave colored balloons in the air, but now they wave specially designed light sticks while doing their group's chants. There is a light stick for every K-Pop group and idol. These battery-powered LED light stick designs keep improving, and we can't wait to see what 2019 has in store. Here are some of the various unique K-Pop light sticks that we found.

7. TWICE - Candy

Twice - Candy Light Stick

As I'm sure many of you know, this light was inspired by their song "Candy Boy." This stick has an official phone app that allows your light to be controlled when you are at a Twice concert to match Twice's group colors. It even doubles as a nightlight and a party light!



6. Red Velvet

RV logo light stick

This light stick is one of the simplest in this list, but we cannot get enough of the adorable cupcake shape that features Red Velvet's "RV" logo in the middle. Also, this light helps to celebrate the SM girl groups as it was the first official lightstick produced and launched. It can also be connected to your smartphone via BlueTooth to sync and change colors. What more do you need?



5. VIP's

Big Bang's light

BIGBANG's official light sticks are timeless. While most Korean pop groups have various official versions of their light sticks, BIGBANG's is customizable. Instead of releasing pricey new light sticks every year they release cheaper accessories and new heads for their light stick. It is indeed one of the most versatile K-Pop lights out there.



4. EXO-L's Pharynx

Exo official light stick

This light stick couldn't get any better it's shaped just like the EXO logo and lights up in 12 different colors. It can be controlled by a central system to turn a particular color at a certain time at EXO concerts. This unique feature makes EXO concerts that little more interesting and unites the fans with the idol group.



3. Army Bomb

BTS Light Stick

I'm sure most of you are well aware of this bomb-shaped light stick. This design adds a uniqueness to the world of K-Pop light sticks with its more symbolic design rather than choosing to use the BTS logo. The concept fits BTS perfectly.



2. MAMAMOO's Radish

mamamoo's lightstick

What would this list be if we didn't include MAMAMOO's radish light stick? You might be asking yourself why the radish? Well MAMAMOO has nicknamed their fandom the MOOMOO's meaning (무, radish)"radish radish" in Korean. Their fans used to bring actual radishes to their concerts, so they were very relieved when the official light stick was shaped like a radish. The loyalty between the group and their fans couldn't get stronger. Not only is the light cute it also changes color in sync with the crowd.



1. BlackPink's Hammer

Black Pink hammer light

Nicknamed the "squeaky hammer," BLACKPINK's lightstick is number one on our list. To our surprise, this light stick was designed by the BLACKPINK members themselves. Fans were unhappy about the design when it was first released. However, now their fans and other K-Pop fans cannot get enough of this quirky light stick. The lightstick automatically reacts to any music by blinking, and if you use the hammer, it squeaks.



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Article| 08/01/2019 | Music


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