Meet Nowa-chan, the fashionable Yami-kawaii and Lolita character

Meet Nowa Yukigami, Japan’s new cat character who has a developed j-fashion style. Nowa-chan comes from Japan’s northern island of snowy Hokkaido, but she loves Tokyo street fashion and Japanese lolita fashion. With so many characters in Japan, you have to be different to stand out. Melon Bear, for example, runs around scaring people and Shinjo-kun a Japanese river otter with a hilarious sense of humour. And now there’s Nowa-chan, a charming cat who flashes her fans with her panties.

Nowa Yukigami japan's new cat character wearing sweet lolita

Nowa-chan loves Tokyo fashion and often wears sweet lolita and fairy-kei dresses. She has even been seen wearing Menhera Chan, a cute cartoon illustrated by Bisuko Ezaki. Bisuko Ezaki is famous for his Yami-kawaii (sick-cute) looks and was featured in “The Dark Side Of Harajuku Style You Haven't Seen Yet” a short documentary by Refinery29. Yami-kawaii has been gaining popularity in Harajuku and is a mash-up of kawaii pastel colours and anime characters with fake guns and plasters. 

Nowa-chan wearing Menhera Chan the mascot of Yami kawaii

Nowa-chan is so fashion forward she is working with some of the hottest Japanese fashion brands and keeps you updated on her daily life through Twitter. Today her guardian tweeted about her new international store opening up on ZenMarketPlace. Yes, that’s right. You can now get merchandise from your favourite charming cat, right here.

Nowa-chan's guardian tweeting about her ZenMarket store

Products on Nowa-chan's ZenMarketPlace International store

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Article| 16/11/2018 | Pop cultureZenmarketplace