Our Favorite Ramen From Around Japan

As you know, ramen is a very popular dish throughout Japan. It's Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a delicious meat or fish-based broth. It is often flavored with miso or sauce and is topped with sliced pork, dried seaweed, and green onions. In fact, the ingredients and flavor of ramen depend on what city or prefecture you are in Japan. 

Naruto eating a bowl of fresh ramen

Do you want to try regional ramen flavors, but can't make it to Japan? 

Thankfully in 1958, Momofuku Ando came up with the brilliant invention of instant noodles. Instant noodles are precooked and dried noodle blocks, usually containing flavoring powder in a separate packet. These instant noodles are still advancing in Japan as makers want to get as close to the taste of authentic ramen as possible. 

However, today we will not be talking about the usual instant noodle you may know about. We are going to discuss high-quality noodles that are not fried in oil then dried, like their counterparts. These noodles are half-cooked half-fresh and are made by some of the most well-known ramen chefs in Japan.

Here I will tell you about some of the most ramen famous restaurants in Japan that have created their own packet versions of ramen.


Rich and deep toned tonkotsu and shoyu ramen

Located in the city of Matsudo in Chiba, Tomita is a restaurant that ramen fans travel the world to get to. It is known for its rich and deep tones of tonkotsu and shoyu (pork bone and soy sauce).

Famous Tomita tsukemen noodles topped with pork and seaweed

Tomita is also known for there tsukemen noodles that are steeped in a delicious thick broth made from pork and fish stock. These noodles are eaten after being dipped in a separate bowl of soup or broth.

Tentenyu's famous chicken ramen
For those who prefer a lighter, chicken-based ramen, here iis the perfect ramen for you. Ten-ten-yu's ramen from Kyoto is famous for their sweet-flavored chicken ramen. Remember to add chopped fresh chives with this one, it's a real treat!

Nakiryu's well-known sesame spicy noodles called tantanmen
Did you know there is an extremely famous restaurant in the north of Tokyo with two Michelin stars? It's called Nakiryu, well-known for its sesame spicy noodles called "tan-tan-men." You won't want to get there with an empty stomach as you usually have to wait 2 hours before getting seated. Instead, you can eat them at home no matter where you are with the help of ZenMarketplace.



News| 18/06/2018 | FoodZenmarketplace