Top-5 best selling sweets and snacks!

best selling sweets and snacks

We would like to introduce best selling items in category "Sweets and snacks" right now.


1. Calbee's Jaga PokkuruCalbee's Jaga Pokkuru - Japanese proxy service - Zenmarket

Number 1 best seller is Jaga Pokkuru, which is easily one of the best potato snacks in the world.

It is made by Calbee, which is famous by its other potato snack - Jagabee, however, it doesnt come close to the Jaga Pokkuru.

Jaga Pokkuru is made purely from Hokkaido-grown high-class Japanese potato, while the salt for it is taken from Okhotsk Sea.

It uses special technology, where fresh potato with skin is cut in the shape of stick, and then fried, which allows the potato to retain its original taste and flavour.

At one point, it was so rare, that it was called "phantom snack".

Luckily, now it has become widely available and popular.

You can order Jaga Pokkuru from Rakuten through ZenMarket here.


2. Marusei Butter Sandwitch

Marusei Butter Sandwitch - Japanese proxy service - Zenmarket

This delicious sweet sandwitch by ROKKATEI CONFECTIONERY is best seller number 2.

The secret of its taste is the perfect harmony of soft, slightly sweet biscuit, and rich taste of the filling.

The filling is a mix of white chocolate, Marusei butter and raisins.

The ingredients are 100% grown and processed at Hokkaido, Japan.

The sweets are delivered in a fancy retro packaging,

which is an homage to famous Hokkaido explorer Yoda Benzo.

Please, purchase the product here.


3. Fresh walnuts from California

Fresh Walnuts CA - Japanese proxy service - Zenmarket

Have you ever thought of a snack, which is not only delicious, but good for your health?

This product is the answer.

Fresh walnuts contain α-Linolenic acid, which is an important source from which our blood vessels are created.

It can not be synthesized naturally in the human body, so we have to intake from the food.

Just 28g of walnuts per day will help you to receive daily necessary norm for the α-Linolenic acid.

Here you can purchase 1kg of fresh walnuts, grown in California, at the lowest price on Rakuten.

Special packaging prevents walnuts from oxidation, and helps to keep their original rich taste.


4. Fried almonds for health and beauty

Fried almonds - Japanese proxy service - Zenmarket

Almonds are well-known for their positive influence on health and beauty.

That's why in Japan almond products (such as almond milk) are popular.

This product consists of 100% pure almonds from California, without adding salt or other flavouring.

Please, purchase here


5. Mega-set of delicious Baumkuchen from specialty shop!

Baumkuchen - Japanese proxy service - Zenmarket

Baumkuchen means "tree cake" in German, because its layers resemble tree rings.

This delicacy originates from Germany, however, it is a rare dish there.

Nowadays it is more popular in Japan, where it is available with various tastes.

This best-selling mega-set of 1kg offers  baumkuchens with vanilla, cocoa, black tea, maple and honey tastes.

You get 500g of vanilla baumkuchen by default, and next 500g are mix from the chef.

The last shipping is on 15 December, so hurry to make an order!

You can make an order here.

Article| 23/11/2016 | Japanese foodSweets