[2023.03.01] ZenMarket Japan Proxy Shopping Service
is Now Available in Korean!

ZenMarket is now availiable

in Korean!


1. To celebrate the launch of our Korean version you have the chance to win 5,000 Yen (approx. 50,000 Korean Won) in ZenMarket credit!

2. Sign up now and we'll waive the service fee on your first item! (¥300 will be deposited into your ZenMarket account)


Send a parcel to Korea and write a photo review for your chance to win ¥5,000 (approx. 50,000 Korean Won) in ZenMarket credit! The ¥5,000 credit will be given to at least 10 winners depending on the number of participants (winners announced April 21st).

Will you be one of 10 lucky winners?!


Be sure to follow ZenMarket Korea's SNS accounts to stay up-to-date on all the latest giveaways and news! 


Get Japanese products easily through the Korean version of the ZenMarket website and get 1-on-1 support from native Korean staff!


Why choose ZenMarket? Check out 6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to ZenMarket Korea!

ZenMarket Korean Launch Campaign ends in:

Terms & Conditions

5,000 Yen Photo Review Campaign
지금 참여하세요! 

Enter Now

Ship a parcel in March for your chance to win ¥5,000 (approx. 50,000 Korean Won) in ZenMarket credit!

Buy Directly from almost any Japanese store or marketplace!


Of all the Japan Shopping Services Why Choose ZenMarket?


"Who is the best Japanese Shopping Service?"

Have you got it yet?


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6 Advantages of using ZenMarket...


Ready and Waiting 1-on-1 Customer Support!

We search for the items you want and get back to you within 24 hours, holding your hand throughout the entire process, from customs duties, parcel consolidation and international shipping


Lowest Cost!

ZenMarket's service fee is a fixed 300 Yen fee, regardless of the item's value, meaning you can buy luxury & high end goods without extra hidden costs.


Exclusive offers & discounts!

We regularly run Discount Campaigns and Product Giveaways to reward members and followers of the Korean version!


Professional Order Management & Packing!

ZenMarket operates its own logistics from 3 branches across Osaka, delivering goods safely & securely using our professional systems.


100% Open & Transparent!

You can see exactly where your money is going by tracking all order and payment history quickly and easily from your account! 


A Sense of Community!

Connect with other fans of Japanese products via ZenMarket social accounts! Get assistance from ZenMarket shopping veterans!

Terms & Conditions 

  1. Prizes:
    - Customers who satisfy entry conditions will go into the draw to win 5,000 JPY (approx. 50,000 Korean Won, depending on the exchange rate) in ZenMarket funds. At least 10 winners will be selected. Additional winners may be chosen if certain conditions set out by ZenMarket are met.
    - 300 JPY will automatically be credited to everyone who signs up for a ZenMarket account. This amount is adequate to cover the service fee on the first item purchased. This applies to all members who sign up to ZenMarket.
  2. How to Enter:
    - First, create a ZenMarket account. You will receive 300 JPY in credit to cover the service fee on your first order. 
    - Send a parcel to Korea using the Korean version of ZenMarket (ZenMarket Korea). Parcels must be sent during the campaign shipping period (March 1st - March 31st).
    - When you receive your parcel, write a photo review and post it on blogs, SNS channels or even in cafes.

    - Please add the hashtags ( #일본구매대행 #일본직구 #젠마켓코리아 ) in your reviews!
    - Please send us a URL to your photo review via the Campaign Entry form during the campaign period (March 1st - April 19th)
    - We will select (at least) 10 entrants and announce them as winners on the ZenMarket website on April 21st. A notification will also be sent to all those who participated.
    -  If you are not one of the lucky winners this time around, be sure to follow our Korean SNS channels to make sure you are ready for the next giveaway!
  3. Campaign Period:
    The ZenMarket Korean Launch Campaign is made up of two components; the Campaign Shipping Period and the Campaign Period. The Campaign period refers to the period in March when eligible parcels must be sent. Participants then have an additional 19 days in April to post their photo reviews and submit their photo review URLs.
    1. The Campaign Shipping Period will run from 17:00 on March 1st 2023 until 23:59 on March 31st JST (2023.03.01 17:00 JST ~ 2023.03.31 23:59 JST). *Japan Standard Time (JST) and Korean Standard Time (KST) will be the same time throughout the Campaign period. Parcels shipped outside of this time will be deemed ineligible for a prize.
    2. The Campaign Period will run from 17:00 on March 1st 2023 until 23:59 on April 19th JST (2023.03.01 17:00 JST ~ 2023.04.19 23:59 JST). *Japan Standard Time (JST) and Korean Standard Time (KST) will be the same time throughout the Campaign period.
  4. Caution:
    • Users may only have and use one (1) ZenMarket account. Users with multiple accounts will be considered in direct violation of the campaign rules and will be disqualified.
    • Users must use the Korean version of ZenMarket.
    • Users can submit as many entries as they wish, but can only win the campaign once.
    • Prize funds will be paid into your ZenMarket account and cannot be withdrawn or used outside of ZenMarket.
    • To receive the prize, the user needs a ZenMarket account.
    • Parcels shipped outside the Campaign Shipping Period will be deemed ineligible to win a prize.
    • Entries submitted outside the Campaign Period will be deemed ineligible to win a prize.
    • ZenMarket reserves the right to change, terminate or cancel the campaign at its own discretion under any circumstances.
    • Any person who participates in this campaign will be deemed to have read and accepted the campaign terms and conditions.
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