ZenExpress PUDO - Exclusive Pick-Up Drop-Off Shipping Method

Are you sick of receiving "Sorry, we missed you..." cards for your online orders? Are you tired of organizing your parcels for redelivery, or having to go and stand in line down at the post office?

Whether you're on vacation or back in the office full-time, waiting at home to receive packages can sometimes be difficult in our fast-paced world.

With ZenExpress, you can take the headache out of receiving treasures from Japan.

Introducing ZenExpress PUDO, the pick-up drop-off delivery system now available via ZenMarket.


What is ZENEXPRESS PUDO and how does it work? 

From now on customers shipping to Germany and France will have the possibility to send packages with ZENEXPRESS PUDO.


PUDO stands for "Pick Up and Drop Off". These are places where packages can be picked up or returned. Anyone who shops online may already be familiar with these as unmanned lockers, but the post office, convenience store or service station around the corner may also be a PUDO.


If you send your ZenMarket package via ZENEXPRESS PUDO, you should note the following:

  • Customers will receive an SMS when their package arrives at the PUDO point, as well as two emails (one from the Last Mile Carrier for your country/region, one from Joom) with the details. The JOOM Tracking page for your parcel will look something like this:

Tracking page for ZenExpress PUDO parcel 

Tracking number partially hidden for privacy reasons


  • No apps need to be installed. Customers will receive SMS notification, go to the delivery point, provide their tracking number and receive the package.
  • Packages that are stored in the PUDO stations have a maximum storage duration limit depending on the country/region. Make sure you pick up your goods on time, as the PUDO lockers need to be cleared to make room for other parcels, which could affect your parcel if not picked up. You can see the maximum storage days for your parcel here.



  • Flexible: Delivery regardless of the time, you don't have to be at home
  • Convenient: Pick up parcels near you, at a time that suits you
  • Community Friendly: Reduces traffic in your local area by allowing delivery to a single familiar place, rather than down back streets and apartment blocks
  • Environmentally Friendly: Optimizes the last mile, since delivery vans only have to drive to central pick-up points
  • Accurate: Finding your apartment or flat may be difficult, especially to a delivery driver unfamiliar with your area. Delivering to a known PUDO point increases the likelihood of your parcel reaching you, rather than your neighbors
  • Secure: PUDO lockers only open to you, the tracking number holder and the delivery company staff.



There are a number of different factors that contribute to the cost of a parcel such as weight, speed, volume, package contents, package value, and of course destination. ZenExpress PUDO tends to be a more affordable option when compared with door to door services, as they are able to cut out the most time consuming final mile, in addition to preventing redeliveries in the majority of cases.

For European parcels, the price for shipping corresponds to the DDP price (Delivery Duty Paid, i.e. including taxes). ZenMarket calculates the taxes and takes care of all the formalities for importing in advance using the IOSS/Pre-Paid VAT system.

For European countries and the United Kingdom, a uniform VAT rate of 25% is charged when paying for international shipping costs if the total value of the goods exceeds 150 EUR.



TIP: You can use our shipping calculator to get a cost estimate! Try to enter box dimensions and value for best results.


Where can ZENEXPRESS PUDO ship to?

At the moment, ZenExpress PUDO can only be used to ship parcels to Germany and France, with plans to expand the service to other countries/regions in the near future. 

When a new country becomes available for the ZenExpress PUDO shipping method, we will list it here.

There are some variances in the service depending on country. They will be listed here:

Country Last Mile Carrier Max. Storage Period
France Mondial Relay 8 days
Germany Hermes 10 days


IMPORTANT: If you do not pick up your parcel and the storage period is exceeded, your parcel may be disposed of to make room for new parcels. To avoid this, please make sure to pick up your parcels on time before the storage period is exceeded. 


Conditions for sending via ZENEXPRESS PUDO

In order to send ZenMarket packages to a PUDO point, the following conditions must be met.

  • Max. Packet-Dimensions 60 x 50 x 40 cm
  • Max. Packet-Weight: 31 kg
  • Be shippable via ZenExpress
  • Only parcels using DDP (pre-collection of import duty and VAT) can be shipped (DDU is currently unavailable)



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