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Save 200 yen - ZenMarket's Spring Sale is finally here!


With sakura petals falling across Japan, we thought this is the perfect time for a SPRING SALE! 

Our Service Fee dropped to ¥100 just for a LIMITED TIME only!

From April 22nd 16:00 JST ~ April 25th 16:00 JST, ZenMarket service fees will only be ¥300 ¥100 - saving you ¥200 on every item you buy!

Offer Ends In (D/H/M/S):

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Get shopping now and save on your favorite stores!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Discount type:
    200 Yen off all items purchases.
  2. Campaign method
    When you buy any item using ZenMarket, services fees have been reduced to only 100 Yen for a limited time only.
  3. Campaign Dates:
    April 22nd 16:00 JST ~ April 25th 16:00 JST
  4. Conditions:
    1. Discount applies to Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo! Shopping, and other store items purchased within the campaign period.
    2. Offer: Service fees reduced to 100 JPY (~1 USD) per purchased item. The promotion applies to all stores allowing ZenMarket proxy purchases. Yahoo Auctions are excluded.
    3. Your order(s) must be paid for during the campaign period to be eligible.
    4. Pre-order items are eligible as long as the item can be purchased within the campaign period.
    5. Please note that your items might not be eligible for a discount in some cases if we cannot place an order immediately due to additional action needed. Action additions may include but are not limited to:
      • Confirming lacking order details
      • Seller evaluation or verification
      • User account security checks for high price items
    6. To ensure your order is made within the promotional period, we recommend that you order items 24 hours in advance of the promotion ending. 
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