Are Pokemon Cards Worth More Than Yugioh? (Helpful Answer)

Pokemon and Yugioh are two of the most popular trading card games around. Collectors can find common, uncommon, and rare cards to sell or keep in their binder. Many rare trading cards are worth quite a bit, which is why some people collect the cards for the potential of a big sell rather than for the game.

On average, Pokemon cards are worth more than Yugioh cards. Pokemon cards have a larger fan base, and there is a larger number of rare cards to buy, sell, and collect. Pokemon cards have a lower cost of entry, increasing their popularity and raising the demand for rare cards.

Throughout this article, we'll talk about why Pokemon cards are usually worth more than Yugioh cards, the price estimates of rare cards from each trading card game, and how you can save money on your collection. We'll also discuss why Pokemon's popularity and cheap entry costs make its TCG more valuable.


Why Are Pokemon Cards Worth More than Yugioh?

Pokemon is ever-changing and almost always growing in popularity. You might've heard of people selling their Pokemon cards for thousands of dollars (sometimes enough to pay off their car loan!). These scenarios are rare, but there's no doubt that Pokemon cards are generally worth more than Yugioh cards.


Here's why:


  1. Pokemon is more popular than Yugioh. Pokemon made its way to North America and took off relatively quickly. Since the North American market often sets trends, Pokemon became a worldwide sensation. Everything from the video game to the TV shows, movies, and cards are well-known. (Above you can see the Google search popularity of both training card games.)
  2. There are more rare cards in the Pokemon trading card game. Pokemon has loads of rare and uncommon cards. These cards don't always come in current decks; some were handed out for magazine sales, while others were won in limited-time entries. The more rare the card, the more they cost.
  3. The lower entry cost brings more people to the game. According to Boardgames Tips, Pokemon staple cards are typically the most important thing to keep in mind. These cards are printed and supplied in almost every booster pack, so they're not hard to come by. You can set up a decent deck without breaking the bank.
  4. Pokemon cards have risen to the collection status for non-gamers. Sports cards have been bought and sold for ages, but Pokemon is beginning to reach the same tier. People who aren't interested in the lore or competition will buy and sell these cards, broaden the market, and increase their worth.
  5. The Pokemon video game brought thousands of new fans. It's no secret that video games are more popular than trading card games in most circles. Pokemon has been a video game for many decades, so gaming fans can appreciate the value of Pokemon cards. This crossover increases popularity, too.


Is It More Expensive to Play Yugioh or Pokemon?

Starting a new trading card game can be as affordable or expensive as you make it. It's easy to get lost in a constant state of buying new booster packs in hopes of finding a rare or uncommon card. However, Yugioh is a bit more expensive to play than Pokemon. That doesn't mean the cards are worth more, though.


Review this list of reasons Yugioh costs more to play:


  • Yugioh card collections cost more per pack. If you want to build your deck in any trading card game, you'll have to buy more packs. Yugioh card packs are slightly more expensive. This price hike might not seem like much, but it builds significantly once you buy a handful of new packs throughout the weeks and months ahead.
  • You get one less card in a Yugioh booster pack than Pokemon booster packs. There are ten cards in a Pokemon booster pack and nine cards in a Yugioh booster pack. Yugioh charges more money per pack and provides one less card, which slowly reduces the size of your collection as you buy more of them.
  • Building a useful deck requires all sorts of combinations and in-depth combinations, more than Pokemon cards. Pokemon is a relatively simple game for beginners to learn, but Yugioh requires better cards to stand a chance. Even if you don't take it too seriously, Yugioh is more complicated.
  • Competitive Yugioh can be more intense and demanding than competitive Pokemon. The Pokemon TCG is often seen as a social game, whereas Yugioh is a competition-based trading card game. You can play competitive Pokemon and casual Yugioh, but the opposite is true for most people.
  • Yugioh staple cards cost more than Pokemon staple cards. Staple cards are cards you bring with most decks to get through a game. They're usually the cheapest since they're printed thousands of times, but Yugioh's staple cards cost more since you get fewer cards in a deck, and a pack costs more (as explained above).


Comparing Pokemon and Yugioh Card Prices

There have been countless claims of Pokemon and Yugioh cards selling for millions of dollars, but we're going to stick with proven sales. The average rare Pokemon card sells for more than the average Yugioh card, but there are plenty of high-dollar cards from both games. Let's break down ultra-rare card sale prices below.

Pokemon Cards

Yugioh Cards

1998 Tamamushi Magikarp Trophy ($66,100)

2003 Magician's Force 1st-Ed. Dark Paladin Alt ($12,000)

Pokémon Super Secret Battle “No. 1 Trainer” - Promo Holographic Card ($90,100)

2002 Red-Eyes B. Dragon 1st Edition ($13,600)

2000 Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holographic Lugia ($144,200)

2002 Tournament Pack 1 MECHANICALCHASER ($14,999)

Family Event Trophy - Holo Kangaskhan ($150,100)

2002 Morphing Jar Tournament Pack 2 ($15,000)

“Backless Blastoise” - Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram ($360,000)

2002 Dark Duel Stories Blue-Eyes White Dragon ($20,000)

1st Edition Charizard, Holographic – SGC GOLD LABEL PRISTINE 10 ($369,000)

2004 Shonen Jump Championship Cyber-Stein ($30,100)

1998 Japanese Promo Card - HOLO - Illustrator Pikachu ($375,000)

2002 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 1st Edition ($85,100)

(Sources: One37PM & Kotaku)


As you can see, Pokemon cards are worth much more than Yugioh cards. However, rare Yugioh cards are quite valuable compared to many other trading card games. If you're looking for ways to save money and possibly get high-value cards, read on.


How to Save Money on Yugioh and Pokemon Cards

You don't have to spend loads of money on either trading card game. Pokemon cards are worth more, and Yugioh cards have a higher cost of entry, but both can be played as a casual, low-cost games. If you're looking for ways to save money while building a collection or buying and selling cards, try the quick fixes below.


  • Resell cards you don't intend to use. Not all cards are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, but plenty of collectors are looking to add to their decks. You could sell your cards to make enough cash back to pay off the next deck. Worst case scenario, you could get at least a small portion of your investment back from reselling the cards.
  • Learn every card's worth before opening a deck. IGN has a guide explaining how you can value your Pokemon cards prior to selling or trading them. If you're buying, selling, and trading Yugioh cards, check out Zen Market's helpful review. The last thing you want is to trade a rare card for something basic just to have a better deck!
  • Consider buying and selling rare and uncommon cards as the market dips and peaks. Much like stocks, trading cards have ebbs and flows. If rare cards aren't selling for their high-peak worth, it's time to grab a few of them off the market. Once they go back up, you can sell them to make money for more cards or booster packs.
  • Buy used staple cards online or at a local collection store. Staples come in every pack, but if you don't need anything else, they're cheaper to buy from other players or stores. People often want to get rid of excess staple cards since they're not rare, so it's a great opportunity to save a bit of money on Pokemon and Yugioh decks.
  • Casual playing is always cheaper than competitive playstyles. Whether you prefer Pokemon or Yugioh, you'll save a lot of money by building casual decks and having fun with friends rather than trying competitive markets. Start by building a few decks and get competitive later on down the road if you're having a good time.



Both trading card games have unique value, but there's no denying Pokemon's place at the top of the competition. Buying and selling rare cards can net you more money from Pokemon for many reasons. If you're unsure which TCG is right for you, they're both worth collecting and making a profit.

Keep in mind TCG's aren't guaranteed to make you a profit. Rare cards are called 'rare' for a reason: There's a low chance you'll find one! Have fun and enjoy the worth of your card collection, however rare or common it may be.

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