Buy Japanese Magic Cards From Japan (Step-By-Step Guide)

With the recent release of multiple Magic The Gathering card products from Wizards of the Coast themed around Japan and Japanese culture, we've received lots of questions from our customers if we help them to get these products shipped from Japan. 

Yes, we can help you order Japanese Magic cards directly from Japan, and it's really easy to do. 

Below in this article, we teach you not only everything you need to know to order Japanese Magic The Gathering products that are released in Japan, but we will also show you how to order Japanese Magic singles from stores and Japanese Auction Sites! - So you can get the best deals!

And don't worry, the methods we will show you below have worldwide shipping, so no matter where you are in the world, this article will help you get Japanese MTG cards directly from Japan.


1. Find Japanese MTG Card Name

First thing is first, finding what your card or product is called in Japanese is going to make your life so much easier. 

It should come as no surprise, but Japanese stores list their products by their Japanese names, which includes listing cards they are selling by their Japanese names.

Don't worry, you don't need to be able to read any Japanese at all!

All you need to do is head over to

You don't actually have to use, but it is the easiest and fastest way we have found to get the name of the card you are looking for. 

Using, enter the name of the card that you want to buy from Japan. 

Once you are on the card's page, select "JA" from the list of languages on the right. 

The website will then show you the details of the card you are searching for in Japanese. 

All you have to do now is "Copy" the Japanese name of the card and save it somewhere for the later steps. 


2. Search For Japanese MTG Card on Stores or Auctions

Now for the good part, time to go shopping. 

Take the Japanese name of the card that you just copied and head over to the search bar on

ZenMarket is a service that helps people living outside of Japan send Japanese goods directly from Japan to their doorstep anywhere in the world. 


ZenMarket doesn't sell Magic The Gathering cards directly, we are a service that helps to connect international buyers and local Japanese sellers.

That means we don't mark up the cost of products you want to buy, you pay the same price for products that Japanese people living in Japan do! 


Once you have got the name of the Magic The Gathering card that you want to search for copied to your computer clipboard, "Paste" it into the search bar. 

You may want to add the phrase "MTG" after the Japanese card's name to help focus your search on Magic The Gathering cards.

Try searching with and without "MTG" and see what result works best for you.

So in the example, we are searching for the card "Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow" by entering the following:

" 虎の影、百合子 mtg "

Once you hit enter, you will be taken to all of the listings for that card under whichever shopping platform you would prefer to shop on. 

The 3 main shopping platforms that we recommend for buying Japanese Magic The Gathering products are 

  • Amazon Japan - Best for getting brand new sealed Magic products
  • Rakuten - Best for buying Japanese Magic singles 
  • Yahoo Auctions - The best place to find deals on Magic Cards that are rare or limited edition.


Switching between these shopping platforms is easy and can be done by simply clicking on the Platform name below the search bar.


Once you have found the card you are looking for, the rest is easy. 

Simply check the details of the item that you have found.

Double-check the price of the item and description.

The original item description is in Japanese but our website will provide an automatic translation for you.

If you have any questions about details in the item description, simply add the item to your cart and send a message to customer service.

Our native English/Japanese customer service staff will be able to help answer any questions you may have. 


3. Add Your Japanese MTG Card To Cart.  

Once you have found all the cards and items you are looking for, simply add them to your cart. 

If you are wanting to place a bid on a Japanese card instead of buying a card, then all you have to do is click "Place a bid" on the item page that you wish to bid on.

When placing a bid on an auction is important that you read the item descriptions carefully.

Yahoo Auction! Sellers are often not professional sellers - Most of them are Japanese Magic The Gathering players selling off cards from their collections, which means better prices for you, but the cards will not be brand new and card conditions will vary from listing to listing. 

Thankfully, anyone that has lived in Japan will know, that Japan has a fantastic reputation when it comes to the great condition of items on their secondhand markets. 


4. Pay For Your Japanese MTG Cards

Checkout time!

Once you are happy with everything in your cart, we'll have a member of our team confirm your items.

The confirmation process allows us to check that the Japanese sellers have enough items in stock to fulfill your desired order and perform any needed checks that require a Japanese speaker.  

Once the check is complete, we will send a notification to your account and email address that your order is ready to pay for. 


5. Shipping Your Japanese MTG Cards

Once your item has been paid for and arrives at our warehouse facility in Ōsaka Japan, we'll ask you to provide an international shipping address.

After entering your address details and paying for international shipping, your cards will be on their way to your front door! 

That's it, you have successfully ordered Japanese Magic The Gathering cards directly from Japan!

But there is more!


Here at ZenMarket, we have team members that live in Japan and have been playing Magic The Gathering for over 10 years!

Below we'll try to help you get the most out of buying cards from Japan! 

To make it easier for everyone that is looking for certain Magic cards we'll be creating a "ZenMarket MTG Page".

There we will try to include direct links to popular Magic cards like the Fetch Lands, Alternate art Japanese Planeswalkers, and, of course, the new Strixhaven Japanese alt arts.

This will hopefully help people more easily find the cards they are looking for.

Of course though, we don't know what everyone's preferences are, so if there are certain cards that you would like to add to the page, all you have to do is send a Tweet to @zenmarket_en

The Social Media Team will let us know what cards you would like to see added and we'll do our best to add those cards to the page when we can. 

Below we'll leave a link to the page that we will be updating for everyone and some useful tips for buying MTG cards from Japan!