Where to Buy Sailor Moon Makeup From Japan? (Starter Guide)

The Sailor Moon series has been loved all over the world for more than two decades as an icon of magical feminine beauty and power. "Moon Prism Power, Makeup!” is the first magical spell that the main protagonist of Sailor Moon uses to transform herself into her alter-ego Sailor Scout character, and hence it comes as no surprise that makeup and cosmetics are the most popular and sought-after types of products among Sailor Moon merch in the real world. 

Sailor Moon make-up can be bought in official merchandise distributor shops within Japan. These consist of permanent and pop-up shops that are found periodically across Japan. Other options include Japanese online retailers and websites that have distribution rights.

Some Sailor Moon makeup can also be bought in drugstores, variety goods shops, and convenience stores.

If you are a Sailor Moon fan wanting to add some Moon Prism Power to your make-up routine, you have come to the right place because this article will tell you just where to buy your Sailor Moon makeup in Japan and online.


Overview of Physical Stores in Japan where you can buy Sailor Moon makeup:

  1. Sailor Moon Merchandise Official Distributor shops
  2. Permanent Official Sailor Moon Store
  3. Sailor Moon Official Pop-up shops
  4. Drugstores and convenience stores
  5. Variety goods/ Anime merchandise stores


Sailor Moon Merchandise Official Distributor Shops

Permanent Official Sailor Moon Store:

At the moment, this is the only permanent Sailor Moon official store that is solely dedicated to selling Sailor Moon Merchandise and this could only be described as a paradise for any Sailor Moon fan to buy not only makeup and cosmetic items but Sailor Moon merch in general. It was opened in 2017 on Sailor Moon’s 25th anniversary in the Harajuku shopping area of Tokyo.  

Pro-tip: This store would be the best place to look for the newest releases and limited edition makeup items. (There are even makeup items that are limited only to this store!)


  • Shop name: Official Sailor Moon Store (セーラームーンストア)
  • Location: B0.5F Laforet Harajuku Department Store
  • Address: 1 Chome-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
  • Contact: 03-6447-5623
  • Hours: 11 am – 8 pm
  • Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sailormoonstore_official


Sailor Moon Official Pop-up stores

Sailor Moon opens special pop-up stores in different places across Japan, especially in the bigger cities. In Japan, these stores are called "Petit Stores (プチストア).

This year, Sailor Moon makeup collectors are truly in luck as several pop-up stores have opened up in Japan to celebrate and promote the 2021 Sailor Moon movie – Sailor Moon Eternal.


Below are the locations for some of the pop-up stores.

  • Fukuoka Parco Kiddy Land Sailor Moon Petite shop
  • Kyoto Shijou Kawaramachi Kiddy Land Sailor Moon Petite shop
  • Osaka Umeda Kiddy Land Sailor Moon Petite shop
  • Osaka Shinsaibashi Kiddy Land Sailor Moon Petite shop


Information on store contacts and opening times can be found here:


Pro-tip: It is not only for new movies that Sailor Moon opens pop-up shops like this for various events such as their anniversaries. The best way to stay updated about where and when these pop-up shops will open up is to keep a close eye on the official Sailor Moon website and social media pages.

Although these stores are smaller compared to the permanent store in Tokyo, there is a higher chance to find rare makeup items that are specifically released for a movie or an event so these are great places for rare makeup item collectors.


Drugstores and Convenience Stores

For a series like Sailor Moon that has been around for more than twenty years, and has been consistently so popular, it is not difficult to imagine that its merchandise has become a part of general shopping in Japan.

Another interesting thing in Japan is that convenience stores and drugstores do collaborations with popular anime and manga series.

Example of Makeup Item you can expect to find:

This link leads to one of Japan’s biggest drugstores Matsumoto Kiyoshi.


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The product is a Dramatic Powdery UV Foundation with a matching limited edition special design compact case from a Shiseido Maquillage x Sailor Moon collaboration.

Make sure to check out big drugstores and convenience stores in Japan for Sailor Moon makeup if you get the chance– who knows you might stumble upon a rare collaboration item!

Also, the Sailor Moon makeup that you can find in drugstores would have a more mature design and possibly better in terms of makeup quality and functionality (a big plus if you are looking for Sailor Moon makeup for daily use rather than as a collectible).


Variety Stores and Anime Merchandise Stores

Japan is a treasure trove for anime-related goods and merchandise and it is no different when it comes to Sailor Moon makeup items.

However, you would have to be someone who enjoys shopping and exploring random parts of towns and shops if you want to choose these places to buy your Sailor Moon makeup.


Variety stores and anime merchandise store where you can find Sailor Moon makeup

  • Kiddy Land
  • Animate
  • Village Vanguard
  • Loft
  • Mandarake

These are chain stores and have many branches all over Japan. If you come across one, just hop inside and start looking for Sailor Moon makeup - there is a good chance you will find something. 


Areas or towns with shops for buying Sailor Moon makeup (Also known as Otaku Towns)

In Japan, there are parts of towns that are concentrated with shops selling anime merchandise. Here are some of the most popular places:

  • Nakano Broadway
  • Otome Road
  • Akihabara
  • Nipponbashi
  • Ikebukuro


Special Mention: Azabu-Juban  (麻布十番) in Harajuku, Tokyo: This is a neighborhood in Tokyo that was the real-life setting where the main characters of Sailor Moon series lived in.

As you can guess, this is considered holy grounds by Sailor Moon fans and has parks, streets, stations, and shrines that appear in the series.

Azabu Juban has a shopping area called "Azabu Juban Shotengai" where there are many shops and restaurants.

As this is such a special place for true Sailor Moon fans, you will surely find Sailor Moon makeup in this shopping area. (To even think of shopping for Sailor Moon makeup inside the Sailor Moon world – goosebumps!)


These anime merchandise shops and areas are the best places to find Sailor Moon makeup that are difficult to find in other places.

For example, limited edition products, discontinued items, vintage items, and also to find secondhand items if you are shopping on a budget.

Now that we have looked at all the physical stores and places in Japan where you can buy Sailor Moon makeup, let’s look at some of the options online.


Buying Sailor Moon Makeup From Japan Online

At this point, you might be wanting to jump right into the Japanese online shopping sites and fill your virtual shopping carts.

However, before you do that, we highly recommend you to go through the next section where we introduce you to a few websites that will save you from buying counterfeit products.


Sailor Moon Official Website (Information Only)

Link for the website: http://sailormoon-official.com/

This website is the official website for Sailor Moon and has all the up-to-date information on Sailor Moon makeup products.

That being said, this website does not give you the option to buy anything.

So what we would suggest is to use this as a catalog or a product guide and then to look for the products you want to buy on different websites where they are selling the products.

The Home page itself is easy to navigate, with a “Goods” Menu tab at the top right.

The problem is that, after this main menu, everything is in Japanese.

So here is the link to the page with all the makeup related goods: http://sailormoon-official.com/goods/cosme/


Each product has a dedicated page with clear pictures and in-depth, detailed information such as the product release date, price, limited editions, etc.

It is a reliable source to gather information about a specific Sailor Moon makeup before you decide to buy them.


Creer Beaute Official Website: (For Information Only)

Bandai is the official owner of Sailor Moon franchise merchandise and Creer Beaute (クレアボーテ) is their original cosmetic brand.

Creer Beaute is responsible for making the Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Cosmetics line.

If you want to buy original Sailor Moon makeup items, you want to make sure it is from Creer Beaute.

Website link: https://www.creerbeaute.co.jp/sailormoon


When you go to this website, you will be able to find the official information on all of their products.

The website is easy to navigate as the products are divided into categories such as

  • Eye
  • Lip
  • Face
  • Skincare
  • etc.

For each of their products, they have clear pictures of the product as well as the packaging and information including the prices so as long as you use this as your guide no seller would be able to fool you even in online shops.


Online Websites for buying Sailor Moon makeup

Below, we list some major Japanese online shops where you will be able to find Sailor Moon makeup and cosmetic goods.

  • Bandai Premium Shop

This is the best place to buy original Sailor Moon makeup as Bandai is the owner of the Sailor Moon franchise.

Website: https://p-bandai.jp/

Remember all the items we drooled over on the Creer Beaute website?

You can buy them here in the Premium Bandai online store’s Creer Beaute section.

Yes, good things come to those who wait:



  • Amazon Japan

Website: https://www.amazon.co.jp/

 Search Amazon Japan On ZenMarket


  • Rakuten

Website: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/

 Search Rakuten On ZenMarket


  • Yahoo Auctions

Website: https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/

 Search Yahoo! Auctions On ZenMarket


  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi (drugstore) Online shop

This online shop is a great place to find cosmetics and makeup items that are collaborations between popular Japanese cosmetics brands such as Shiseido, Essential, and Sailor Moon.

Website: https://www.matsukiyo.co.jp/


This online shop is especially useful for secondhand and rare items:

  • Mandarake

Website: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/


Useful Tips For Buying Sailor Moon Makeup Online

The easiest way to find any item you are looking for when shopping online is to enter the keywords into the search bar.

For us who are English speaking, we would probably enter "Sailor Moon makeup" or "Sailor Moon cosmetics". However, some Japanese online shops might not give you a good result with these words as the products are entered with Japanese keywords.

Some Japanese words you could use to search for Sailor Moon makeup are:

  • セーラームーン ( Sailor Moon )
  • メイク (makeup)
  • コスメ/コスメティック (cosmetic)
  • クレアボーテ (Creer Beaute)
  • オリジナル (Original)

Just like this, you can use the Japanese equivalent for an English keyword you want to use and that will help you to get better search results.


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