Get acquainted with the popular Yuri!!! On ice anime
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Excellent Japanese Products You Need to Know about Now

Here are some of our picks for excellent products from Japanese markets that are trending or suitable for this season!
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Lovelive! School Idol Festival Nico Yazawa 1/7 figure

For all Niconi-fans! This figure has beautiful posing with a lot of cute frills and ribbons.
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Girl on the edge, Fuchiko

Check out these cool cup accessories
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Art of Fuzi Choko

Have a poster of a t-shirt with the illustration by Fuji Choko
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New Amiibo figures hit the market

Sales of Amiibo figures grow insanely on ZenMarket.
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Preorder figures from "First Astronomical Velocity"

Preorder now "First Astronomical Velocity" member figures in Japanese yukatas.
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The best selling anime figures in June

The ranking of best selling anime and manga figures in June
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