50% Off ZenPop Stationery Sale + Huge Sweepstakes

Now Closed 

Our massive ZenPop sale and sweepstakes closed yesterday evening at 6:00 PM JST on the 6th of February. 

A big congrats to all 16 winners! 🥳 Our marketing manager has sent you all an email about receiving your prizes. Please make sure you respond before Wednesday 12th February. Otherwise, we will need to reward the prizes to our runner-ups. 



10 people - luna plush and ZenPop 2020 calendar
zenpop luna plush and 2020 calendar Luna Plush (Left) & 2020 ZenPop Calendar (Right)


  • Victoria K
  • DeAnna S
  • Melinda M
  • Melissa T
  • Sandra C
  • Ana G
  • Brynn M
  • Marisol R
  • Daniel F
  • Louisa L
5 people - ZenPop Taster Pack zenpop taster kit
Enjoy a special selection of Japan's most popular sweet treats, as well as some deliciously moreish crunchy snacks.
  • Karla M
  • Kurt G
  • Chris M
  • Samel M
  • Marisol R
1 person - 3-month ZenPop subscription of your choice!win a zenpop subscription
Pick between sweets, ramen + sweets, ramen, and a stationery 3-month subscription.
  • Rita S

Thank you all for such a fantastic sale and sweepstakes. We will do something similar to this again soon. What store would you like us to work with next? Let us know on our SNS, and we will consider all your ideas.


Our favorite packs on sale:

 ZenPop Stationery Pack-Back To School (2019)

Back To School (2019)

Get organized for school and ready to study hard! Japanese stationery isn’t just kawaii, every item in ZenPop’s Back to School pack is multifunctional or really useful. 

You’ll get 10 useful school stationery supplies, including: 

1. uni PROPUS Window Highlighter 
2. PressMan Pencil 0.9mm 
3. Preppy Fountain Pen 0.3mm 
4. KITTA Slim Pre-Cut Washi Tape 
5. Midori Block Clips 
6. A6 Ring Memo 
7. Stickers - Science Boys or Cool Teacher (Ikemen) design 
8. Sticky Memos 
9. Color Shitajiki (Pencil Board) 
10. Planner Sheets (50 sheets) 



Summer Festival - ZenPop Stationery Pack - August 2019

Summer Festival (2019)

Experience summer in Japan, from a festival (matsuri) to a sumo tournament with ZenPop’s selection of beautiful and authentic Japanese stationery. Direct from Osaka to you.

You’ll get 10 beautiful Japanese stationery products, including:

1. Mechanical Pencil
2. Brush Pen
3. Sanrio Fan Letter Set
4. Washi Tape - Fuurin (Wind Bell) Pattern
5. Washi Tape - Goldfish Pattern
6. Stickers - Summer Shiba-inu
7. Sumo Stick Markers
8. Obondama Envelopes
9. Watermelon Letter Cards
10. Summer Matsuri Postcards





buy ZenPop's arigatai pack on ZenPlus

Arigatai (2018)

Are you looking for a way to express your gratitude? "Arigatai" is a Japanese word used to convey gratitude. This pack contains items you can use to share and show others that you care. With "Thank You" washi tape and a variety of items you can use to give gifts, write messages, and express yourself, you'll be able to bring a smile to others.

You’ll get 12 useful Japanese stationery products, including:

1. One Piece Notebook
2. Paper Bunny Gift Bags
3. Arigatou Washi Tape
4. Irodori Washi Tape
5. Japanese Pattern Chiyogami Paper
6. Negai Ema Sticky notes
7. Just Fit Highlighter - ZEBRA
8. Present Mini Cards
9. Petta to Marker
10. Summer Stickers
11. Jetstream Color Pen - Uni
12. Kigurumi Letter Set




Correspondence Pack - Released in October 2017
Correspondence Pack (2017) 
Sold Out

If you love writing to your friends, family, or lover, then this is the perfect pack for you. It includes three different writing utensils, a mechanical pencil, a fountain pen, and a brush pen from Zebra. If you make a mistake with the Press-man Sharp Pencil, don't worry, there's an adorable Mt. Fuji shaped eraser.

You'll get 12 items great for writing letters and notes:

1. Mini Envelopes (1 of 4 designs)
2. Platinum Fountain Pen
3. Press Man Mechanical Pencil
4. Brush Pen
5. KITTA Pre-cut Washi Tape Strips (1 of 6 designs)
6. Japanese Washi Stickers and Box (1 of 4 designs)
7. Kawaii Post Card (1 of 4 designs by YOKO)
8. Mt Fuji Shaped Eraser
9. Clip-on Ruler
10. Half Size Notebook
11. Doraemon Mini Letter Set (1 of 3 designs)
12. Die Cut Cat Cards (1 of 4 designs by YOKO)


Fruits Basket Pack - Released in May 2018

Fruits Basket (2018) - Sold Out

Can't get enough of your five-a-day? ZenPop's 2018 Fruit Basket pack features tons of cute fruit items from sticky notes, magnets to a 3D fruit memo!

You'll get 12 items juicy stationery items:

1. Fruits-chan Sticky Notes
2. KIGURU・ME Hardcover Ring Notebook
3. Fruit Washi Tape
4. 3D Fruit Memo
5. Fruit Shaped Scissors with magnet
6. Schedule Stickers for Hobbies
7. MELTY CAFE Pencil Sharpener
8. Uma-Ste Wooden Pencil
9. Mini Letter Set
10. Watercolor Brush Pen
11. Watercolor Ink Pen
12. Ballpen from Platinum


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