Japan’s Best Summer Festival Foods

Have you been to a Japanese festival or matsuri?


While festivals are held all year round in Japan, there is something special about summer matsuri! One of the highlights of any matsuri is yatai or food stalls, where you can sample the very best Japanese snacks for usually no more than 500 yen (less than $5 USD). 


And unlike other places in Japan, you’re free to walk around while you eat and drink!



We’ve found our top 10 sweet and savory Japanese festival foods you must try on your next trip to Japan!


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Our Top 5 Savory Festival Foods

1. Yakitori


You’ll smell this snack before you see it! Yakitori are easy-to-eat grilled meat skewers topped with a delicious and tangy sauce. While tori means chicken, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of different meat and veggie options, including tsukune (meatballs) and mushrooms.


2. Yakisoba


A festival favorite, yakisoba is a stir-fried noodle dish made with shredded cabbage and meat (usually pork). It is topped with dried green seaweed, yakisoba sauce, and Japanese mayonnaise.


3. Okonomiyaki


Best described as a savory pancake, Okonomiyaki is typically made of flour, cabbage, meat, eggs. The style of okonomiyaki and ingredients change depending on where in Japan you are, with popular varieties in Osaka and Hiroshima.


4. Takoyaki

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Te małe kulki z poprzedniego zdjęcia to oczywiście takoyaki - kuleczki z ciasta (przypominającego trochę naleśnikowe) z ośmiornicą w środku. Na górze polewane sosem typowym do takoyaki i omletów okonomiyaki, majonezem i posypywane suszonymi płatkami bonito. To jeden z najbardziej popularnych street foodow w Japonii, właśnie obok okonomiyaki - które pamiętam, ze w 2017 chyba zajadaliśmy już pierwszego dnia 😊😊 właśnie doczytałam, że takoyaki wywodzi się z Osaki - tam również się wybierzemy 😊 dajcie znać, jakie Was potrawy najbardziej zachwycały w Japonii?? Czego wg Was trzeba spróbować? 🍡🍱🍜🍙🍣 #takoyaki #japanesefood #japanesecuisine #tokio #tokyo #japan #eatjapan #eattokyo #japanesestreetfood #streetfood #hungry #alwayshungry #foodie #travelwithme #travelwithkids #amazingjapan #visitjapan #ueno #loveit

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Takoyaki is probably one of the most popular Japanese festival foods. These bite-sized treats contain pieces of octopus topped with takoyaki sauce, dried bonito flakes, and green seaweed. Some varieties also include a heapful of green onions! Great to share with friends!


5. Mochi Mochi Potato

Mochi mochi potato at a Japanese summer festival

Mashed potato is piped directly into the fryer to make these long and delicate fries! This is a newcomer to the festival foods scene, but you should definitely try it if you can. 


Our Top 5 Sweet Festival Foods

1. Ringo Ame

Ringo ame or candy apples at a Japanese festival

Ringo Ame, literally sweet apple, is the Japanese version of candied apples. This popular sweet is known all over the world and you can always find it at a Japanese festival. Actually, you can get all types of different candied fruits, like strawberries and cherries!


2. Kakigori


Perfect for a hot summer’s day, shaved iced is drenched with a sweet syrup of your choice. Popular flavors include strawberry, mango, and of course, matcha. 


3. Choco Banana

Choco banana at a Japanese festival

Choco banana is a simple but delicious treat that you can only get at summer festivals in Japan! Whole bananas are dipped in chocolate and drizzled with an array of sweet icings and other toppings. 


4. Bebi Kasutera

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🍴京都鶏卵堂 時間は夕方頃、鶏卵かすてらを買いに行ったときのこと。「1000円分(40個)ください!」『ごめん、もう40個もないねん。(残り)600円くらいかな?』「じゃあ600円分ください!」『500円でいいよ。』小学校時代によく通っていた駄菓子屋さんが、いつも"消費税はいいよ"とまけてくれていた。そんな温かさを大人になった今でも思い出させてくれる、私にとって特別なお店になりました。 #food#foodporn#foodstagram#foodphotography#japan#kyoto#sweets#delicious#京都鶏卵堂#鶏卵堂#鶏卵かすてら#ベビーカステラ#チーズドッグ#京都#京都グルメ#グルメ#飯テロ#京都eats#グルメレポーター

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Bebi Kasutera (Baby Castella) are small bite-sized portions of Japan’s popular sponge cake, Castella, served deliciously warm. In recent years, you can find these mini-cakes in a variety of different shapes, including adorable characters like Pikachu! 


5. Wataame

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[#cafemiru_京都] —————————————————————— 京都のおしゃれな綿菓子屋さん「ZARAME」🍵☁️🌸 ☑︎HANA KAZARI ・桜ミルク ・抹茶  食べるのがもったいないような綺麗な綿菓子とゆずジュースのセット✨ フレーバーごとの優しい色をした綿菓子に、1つ1つ丁寧に作られた色とりどりのポン菓子が飾られています🥺💕 舞妓さんの花飾りのようなとっても可愛らしいこちらのメニューは京都観光のお共にもぴったりですね⛩🎋 🙋🏼‍♀️一緒に行きたい人をコメント欄にタグ付けして誘ってみてください🙋🏼‍♂️ 📍京都嵐山 ZARAME ⚪︎住所 / 京都府京都市右京区嵯峨天龍寺車道町1 ⚪︎営業時間 / 10:00‐18:00(春、秋、土日祝のみ9:00‐19:00) ⚪︎定休日 / なし ⚪︎アクセス / 京福電鉄 嵯峨嵐山駅 徒歩1分 JR山影本線 嵯峨嵐山駅 徒歩3分 【cafemiru_kyoto】 📍 ZARAME ◎Open Hours / 10:00‐18:00 ◎closest station / Keifuku Electric Railway 「Sakai Arashiyama」 ☕️ @zarame_kyoto 📷 @chika2745 —————————————————————— Cafemiruでは「#インスタ探検隊」or「#cafemiru」をタグ付けしているカフェ写真から、運営スタッフが厳選してご紹介しています👀🔍

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Cotton candy is a popular treat for kids and adults alike. What is a festival without some delicious fluffy cotton candy to munch on while enjoying the sights and games?



Japan’s Top Three Festivals


Japan has thousands of festivals every year, some estimate close to 200,000! Many of these are associated with temples and shrines (of which Japan has approximately 190,000).


Japanese summer festival


If you can only go to one matsuri on your summer visit to Japan, we’ve chosen our top three best summer festivals for a guaranteed energetic and spectacular Japanese festival experience!


So put on your yukata (casual summer kimono) and join the action!


1. Gion Matsuri, Kyoto


This festival is one of Japan’s most well-known. It is also Kyoto's biggest festival and is associated with the Yasaka Shrine. Held during the month of July, the main event is on the 17th, when Kyoto is taken over by a grand procession of floats for the Yamaboko Junko.


2. Tenjin Matsuri, Osaka


One of Japan’s biggest summer festivals with more than 1.3 million attending each year to enjoy the mikoshi (portable shrines) parade, traditional costumes and a spectacular fireworks show. The festival of the Tenmangu Shrine takes place on the 24th and 25th of July every year.


3. Kanda Matsuri, Tokyo


Kanda Matsuri is one of Tokyo’s three most famous Shinto festivals, along with Sanno Matsuri and Fukugawa Matsuri. It only happens once every two years, so make sure you time your trip right! The main event is on 11th and 12th May when 200 mikoshi are paraded through Kanda Shrine’s surrounding neighborhoods (Akihabara and Tokyo Station).


We hope you’ve enjoyed your taste of a traditional Japanese festival!


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