These Parrot Goods Are Taking Japan By Storm

After four images being posted on Twitter earlier this year, parrot goods are taking Japan by storm. Why? Well, these adorable A4-sized posters hold all the answers.

Japanese parrot goods trending on twitter

Some of them may look quite familiar to you, that’s because they are based on popular movies, magazines or election posters. Who wouldn’t want a cheeky cockatiel running for president or being the main character in your favorite movies?

Many Japanese responded to the posters by saying that “they look so realistic" that they "can’t stop laughing," and others replied by expressing their love for parrots. Thanks to the product designer, Tomo Yamashita, you too can own some of these hilariously cute bird merch only available in Japan though ZenPlus.


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Mr. Yamashita lives with three pet cockatiels and a yellow-backed parrot and created the posters for fun Twitter content. But due to a large number of bird lovers in Japan, he started to receive hundreds of requests for him to create more poster. When he produced his first commercial poster, he said he was surprised to see that so many people were putting it in their room and sharing it on social media. 

parrot poster on a bedroom wall

All the posters are made from the eyes of the birds as seen in a lot of Yamashita’s work where he conveys the bird’s feelings but their expressions and poses. For example, in the Parrot Party UFO Poster, the cockatiel in the middle is spreading its wings a little and is slightly crouched. They do this pose when they are generally happy and interested in an object. We’re sure you will find more exciting expressions and poses on his other posters too.

parrot ufo

Although owning a bird in Japan is not as common as owning a dog or cat, Yamashita hopes he can portray the attractiveness of owning a pet bird and show their intelligence through his work.

Since then, Yamashita’s work has been transformed into transparent files, notepads, badges, postcards, and much more. His work has also been used in vets, schools, and different bird events up and down the country. Does his work make you want to own a bird or pick up some of these unique bird items?

Parrot magazines transformed into notepads

If it was the latter one, we’re pleased to let you know that Yamashita Tomo has chosen ZenPlus to open his official international store and bring his bizarre creations to a global audience. Whether it is for yourself, a friend, or a loved one, who wouldn’t smile when looking at these cute faces?


Browse Parrot Goods on ZenPlus


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Article| 28/06/2019 | zenplusPop culture