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5 Cute But Strange Japanese Beauty Trends

Japan is the land of inventing some of the weirdest handy gadgets in the world, and there’s no exception when it comes to skincare and beauty products. From deep cleansing oil to snail slime facial sheet masks, there’s a beauty product to fix almost any problem under the sun.

There’s always something new and exciting around the corner, which is the fun part of the Japanese makeup world. Japanese drugstores are full of some exciting products, sometimes they are a hit or miss, but the following products are tested and popular with Japanese women. Here are 5 of the cutest, and strangest Japanese beauty trends we could find.

5. Choosy Lip PacksChoosy Japanese Lip Packs

You probably guessed it right, this product is similar to a lip mask and promises to leave your lips moisturized and plumped. When you first take it out of the package, you realize that the texture is unlike any other mask you have used, it is like a sticky jelly. After leaving it on your lips for five to ten minutes, we recommend you massage the remaining ointment into your skin.

This lip pack works well and leaves your lips hydrated for days, but it does look quite strange. What would your reaction be like if your friend opened the door with one of these on? We recommend that you give it a go either to scare your friends or to achieve those luxurious kissable lips that everyone wants. Take a look at CetresChic’s Choosy Lip review down below.



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4. Silicon Cat Eye Packscute Japanese silicon cat eye packs

These are cuter than strange, but we just had to include them in our top 5, to tell you how amazing they are! Eye packs are great to combat fine lines and tiredness after long stressful days. Waking up with swollen, tired eyes is never the right way to start the day, but these reusable silicon eye packs help to ease the puffiness and reboot your skin. Although, these cute kitties have a drier texture than other eye packs you may have used, don’t let that trick you, they still help to refresh and brighten up your tired eyes.


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3. Face Line BeltStrange Japanese Dog Face up belt

I’m sure you’ve seen these face line belts surfing the internet before. Having a small face is considered beautiful in Japanese culture, this is where the market for these anti-aging jawline stretchers come into play. This Dog Face Belt looks a lot more appealing than some of the others on the market, and wouldn’t look too weird if you bumped into someone while wearing it. The facelift belt can be worn while you’re resting and watching Netflix or doing the housework. After using it continuously for several days, you will begin to notice that your skin has tightened and your sagging chin has almost disappeared.

The belt stretches all around your head and has holes for your ears, so you can still do almost all your daily routines while getting a cheap facelift. Would you give this type of Japanese beauty product a go?


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2. Cheek TrainerCute dog cheek trainer Japanese beauty gadget

Smile lines and wrinkles around your cheeks can be annoying, but with a simple exercise with this bulldog-like mouthpiece, you can tighten your cheek muscles. This Dog Cheek Trainer is a truly unique muscle training exercise technique that is quite common with Japanese women and works on the cheeks and other areas of the face that can show signs of aging. Use the cheek trainer for about ten minutes a day, and you’ll notice the difference in no time. If you’re not a dog lover, don’t worry, there’s also a duck one.  


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1. Cat Slimming Mask

Weird Japanese Cat slimming mask

Use the power of sweat and steam to get a tighter, smaller face with this cute cat slimming mask. Attach the ear straps around your ears and relax in the bath and let the tourmaline and collagen within the mask enter your skin. The germanium materials help to tense your muscles and make you sweat, and ultimately slandering your face to create a more V-line face shape.

This mask is super easy to put on and doesn’t have to be worn during the whole day, making it easier to rest and relax. To ensure the best results, we recommend you clean your face thoroughly before use.


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Couldn’t find the strange Japanese makeup trend you’re after?

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Article| 04/10/2019 | beautyzenplus