Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Products

Last month (July), Shonen Jump reached its 50th anniversary! Congratulations!Naruto crew dancing

Jump is a weekly low-cost manga magazine published in Japan. It's the longest-running and best-selling manga magazine in Japan and is targeted at a young male audience.
The series that run in the Weekly Shonen Jump are later published under "Jump Comics." Some famous series from Shonen Jump are Naruto, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, and many more.

To celebrate Jump has set up 3 magnificent exhibitions in Tokyo. The last exhibition is scheduled to end this September and features all your favorite Jump series from the
00's. On top of this, Jump has released some special commemorative items that are now available on ZenMarketplace. 

shonen jump 50th anniversary towels shonen jump 50th anniversary towels shonen jump 50th anniversary towels

Rare bath towels from all your favorite series.


shonen jump 50th anniversary gold figures

Limited Edition Gold Figures




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Article| 10/08/2018 | ZenmarketplacePop culture