Top 12 Japanese Products for Cat Lovers


The most beloved animal in Japan would be cats

(called Neko in Japan). They're not only super-cute but also easygoing, playful and independent. Plus, always free to sleep. That's why Japanese people, who are over-stressed and want a free lifestyle, adore them so much! (er, I don't actually know why...)

     Anyway, it's true that cats have long been loved by people of the country. They've been portrayed in hundreds of Japanese ukiyo-e artworks since the Edo period, and one of the best Japanese novelists Soseki Natsume wrote the famous I Am a Cat.

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     In the Japanese modern pop culture, Hello Kitty and Doraemon are both cat-inspired characters though they are not actually cats (Fun Fact: Hello Kitty is a human British girl!), and there are many other feline characters in famous animes, like Nyanko Sensei from Natsume Yujincho and Meowth from Pokemon.

     And what's more, there's Neko-cafe, Neko-Jima and much more to talk about when it comes to how much Japanese have loved cats, but let's jump to today's topic: Check out these Top 12 cat-lover goods from the country obsessed with the endearing, cuddly feline. If you're a cat lover, you'd love them all! If you're not, we're sure you'll find something appealing to you on our list!


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Moleskine notebook Limited Edition beckoning cat
Cute cat pattern - Proxy Service - ZenMarket
Cute cat pattern masking tape

     Let's start our list with something everyone loves: stationery! From pencils through notebooks to masking tapes and even scissors, Japanese stationery is full of joy! As a cat lover myself, I'd love to have one of that Maneki-Neko motif MOLESKINE notebooks :)



Cats clock - Proxy Service - ZenMarket
Cats glass pendulum clock

Cat wall pendulum clock - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Cat wall pendulum clock


     Clocks are another popular category among cat-inspired products. The cats on your clock will always be at your home and spend time with you.



Happy yellow cat - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

"Good fortune" happy yellow cat

Nishiki-aya available - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Nishiki-aya Chirimen oval gold coin beckoning cat


     Maneki-neko is a traditional Japanese symbol of luck. They bring you good fortune with the gesture of beckoning (not waving) their hand, which is typically called Maneki in Japanese. Get one and stay lucky!



Minisoju cocoa - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Minisoju cocoa cat plushy

Hello Kitty doll - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Hello Kitty Japanese kimono doll 


     If you're a fan of a feline character from an anime, such as Hello Kitty and Nyanko-sensei, plushies are something you cannot miss. A lot of famous characters are available as plushies! Of course, you can also find a bunch of other cute plushies.



Cat's paw-pad socks available - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Cat's paw-pad socks


     Japan has lots of fabulous socks! Though they are just part of daily clothing, cat motif socks will give you the joy to look a little like your favorite animal.



 Paw pad mug - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

 Paw pad mug

Skater Mug-koppu Kiki's - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Skater Mug-koppu Kiki's Delivery Service Gerbera


     Cats look very good on a cup! Those cups are amusing to watch and great to use. They can also make a pleasing gift for someone!


Chopsticks and Bento Lunch Boxes

OSK Chat noir et blanc lunch purchase - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

OSK Chat noir et blanc lunch box set

Cat chopstick japanese - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Cat chopstick rest


     If you'd like to snap out of the habit of having fast food for lunch on your work days, this cute bento boxes will help you.
     The item on the right is a chopstick rest. It's just for fun and a little ease of using chopsticks but will add a sense of humor to your dining table.



Kat cat Keychain - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Kat cat Keychain

Necodon dozing cat keychain - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Necodon dozing cat keychain


     If you've ever come over to Japan, you may know that keychains are sold in almost every corner of sightseeing spots and streets. As well as fake food, these cat key chains are very popular and typical.



Kuro-chiku imadoki cat gamaguchi - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Kuro-chiku imadoki cat gamaguchi

Peigee gamaguchi - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Peigee gamaguchi


     Gamaguchi is Japanese purses with a metal frame. It's easy to open and close and keeps things safe. A cat gamaguchi would be great as your daily pouch and also as a souvenir.


And these below are more of the popular cat-motif products!




Greeting Life 2018 cat calender - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Greeting Life 2018 cat calender

Iwago Mitsuaki cats calendar - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Iwago Mitsuaki cats in Kyoto calendar



Piggy Banks

Mischief BANK amesho cat - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Mischief BANK amesho cat

Nishiki-aya daifuku beckoning cat piggy bank - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Nishiki-aya daifuku beckoning cat piggy bank



Hand Towels

Noah family Jean towel handkerchief R - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Noah family Jean towel handkerchief R

Friends Hill face towel Miyake-san desu - Proxy Service - ZenMarket

Friends Hill face towel Miyake-san desu



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