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Can Tamagotchi Die from Being Overweight: [Key Tips]

Tamagotchis require constant care to prevent them from becoming hungry, sick, and so on. Ensuring your Tamagotchi gets enough food is an essential part of the process, but too much food can lead to all sorts of health issues. If your Tamagotchi weighs too much, it can pose a severe threat.

As a general rule, a Tamagotchi can die from being overweight. A Tamagotchi will typically die when it weighs more than 89 ounces. Leaving a Tamagotchi in an obese state will turn it into a Debutchi and eventually pass away. Fortunately, you can reduce its weight throughout ten games.

Throughout this article, we’ll cover how, when, and why being overweight can cause your Tamagotchi to die. We’ll also show you how you can avoid this common issue, what else affects their health, and whether or not being underweight is a health concern.


Quick Note: There are many Tamagotchi games to choose from, so their specific weight varies drastically. Many Tamagotchi games keep the characters below 90 ounces, but some of them go up to 20 pounds. The primary importance is to ensure they don’t go over the game’s weight limit. We’re going to cover the Tamagotchi Osutchi and Mesutchi games since they’re the most popular.


Why Does Obesity Make Tamagotchis Die?


Obesity makes Tamagotchis die because it’s too tasking on their health. According to Tamagotchi Fandom, most Tamagotchis will turn into a Debutchi once they become overweight (usually more than 89 ounces). Fortunately, you can keep an eye on their weight to prevent this from happening.

Note: Debutchis are native to the Tamagotchi Osutchi and Mesutchi.

So, what is a Debutchi, and how can it cause the Tamagotchi to die?


  • A Debutchi looks like a round blob with chubby cheeks. If you notice your Tamagotchi suddenly looks puffed or excessively large, they likely became a Debutchi. The good news is you can help them return to their normal state by taking care of their health meters.

  • Many Debutchis form above 90 ounces and go back to its original form once it dips below 89 ounces. As long as your Tamagotchi doesn’t breach this weight threshold, you shouldn’t have to worry about it becoming a Debutchi or dying from being overweight.

  • Debutchis can’t adjust their hunger meter. This issue can cause them to become too hungry or full, so it’s important to pay attention to the remaining meters. You can’t access their happy meter, either. Also, any poo on the screen goes away for the time being.

  • These overweight Tamagotchis have reduced care meters. Everything drains while they’re overweight, which is the primary reason they eventually die. If you don’t reduce their weight, they can pass away from this issue.

  • A Debutchi will try to sneak extra snacks, so you have to ensure they stay away from them. They’re more than aware of their unhealthy state, but they’re tempted to eat more food. Ensure they only eat once they drop below the previously mentioned weight recommendation.

Debutchis aren’t present in every Tamagotchi game, but their characteristics always signify obesity. Even if you Tama doesn’t turn into a Debutchi, they can die from being overweight. Refer to this list if you notice any of these issues. There are several Tamagotchi versions, all of which present death from obesity.

Here’s a quick clip of a Tamagotchi dying from being overweight on YouTube:



How to Avoid an Overweight Tamagotchi


A Debutchi is a scary thing to encounter because it signifies you’re not taking care of the Tamagotchi as you should. However, there are many ways to prevent your Tamagotchi from becoming obese.

Try these three suggestions to manage its weight:


  1. Monitor their hunger meter. It shouldn’t get too full, nor should it dip too low. If it’s consistently high, your Tamagotchi’s weight will increase, and they’ll risk becoming obese.

  2. Always watch their weight. Even if it feels like you’re feeding them the correct amount and frequency, it’s not worth risking their health. Your Tamagotchi shouldn’t go above 80 ounces since 89 ounces is when it’s close to a Debutchi. In other variations of Tamagotchi games, many characters range between 5 to 20 pounds.

  3. Decide between snacks and meals. You’ll have the option to give them either food. If they’re very hungry, always choose a meal. Tamagotchis that are close to full can enjoy snacks rather than full meals.

Depending on which version you have, your game might tell you when your Tamagotchi’s weight is becoming dangerously high. It’s quite easy to prevent these issues from happening, but nothing is worth risking their life since they can live for several Earth years! Obese Tamas can die within weeks or months of being born.

If you’re worried about your Tamagotchi getting obese, review some of the suggestions in the following section.


Tips to Promote Proper Tamagotchi Feeding Habits


Frequently checking your Tamagotchi’s hunger meter will ensure they don’t get too hungry or overfeed. Feeding them without checking their meters will lead to various health issues, which can cause them to poo more, become less happy, or gain excess weight.

Here’s a list of proper Tamagotchi feeding habits:


  • Tamagotchi explains their happiness will drop a couple of hearts if they’re underfed. If you notice your character isn’t happy enough, you might not be feeding them too much. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on their hunger meter.

  • Create a feeding schedule. If you’re worried about not feeding your Tamagotchi enough, you could try making a routine so they always have food and happy hearts ready to go. One meal session is often enough to restore a full heart, depending on the version you’re using.

  • Never intentionally increase your Tama’s weight. They’ll grow gradually, so you shouldn’t try to force them to get older or become an adult. Regular feeding, games, and other care options will let them grow according to plan. If you overfeed them and treat them carelessly or jokingly, your Tamagotchi can die several years earlier than they should’ve.

  • Food affects your Tamagotchi’s happiness, health, food meters, and more. Managing their eating and bathroom habits will make them happy and stick around for a long time down the road. Don’t make too big of a deal out of it; Once you get the routine going, it’s much easier than it sounds.


Some Tamagotchi versions have fridges for food storage. While this is an excellent choice for people who want to stay on top of their feeding issues, it’s a quick way for a sneaky Tamagotchi to get a snack when they’re not supposed to. This is usually only a concern for Debutchis, but it’s something you should keep in mind.


Can a Tamagotchi Die from Being Underweight?


A Tamagotchi can die from being underweight because it’ll drop their health meter too low.

Once they start dying, there’s no way to reverse the process. Many Tamagotchi death symptoms include excess attention neediness, rapidly dropping meters, and excess hunger (if they’re passing away from being underweight).

Tamagotchis have many natural needs like humans and other animals. They’re not forgettable since you have to take care of them throughout the weeks, months, and years ahead. Failure to keep them healthy with enough food can prevent them from going away too soon.

Since there are several game versions, it’s crucial to know the recommended weight range for your current model. If they approach a low or high weight, it’s time to make the necessary adjustments. Fortunately, you can get them back in optimal shape to prevent them from dying, becoming sick, or being upset.


What Else Can Make a Tamagotchi Die?


Care mistakes, illnesses, old age, and a few exclusive sequences can make a Tamagotchi die.

If you don’t feed your Tamagotchi, let them stay sick for too long, or they get old, they’re more than likely going to pass away. Age limits and the severity of each occurrence depend on which version you’re playing.

We now know that being overweight, eating too much, and being underweight can make your Tamagotchi pass away too early. We also discussed how you could prevent these issues, but they’re not the only thing that can make them pass away. Below, we’ll cover a few other things you should know about.

The Tamagotchi Fandom page shows some variants have exclusive death features or risk factors. Some games have lights that need to be turned on while the character is awake, some have discipline meters, and others deal with predators like the Grim Gotchi. These characters can be banished to keep your Tama in good condition.



Tamagotchis require lots of care to improve and maintain their health. Make sure you feed them enough, allow them to go to the bathroom, and more. Failure to adhere to these suggestions can make them die much earlier than they should, especially when it comes to the amount of food they consume.

If your Tamagotchi looks overweight or approaches 89 ounces, it’s time to monitor and adjust their food intake.

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