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[isumu official] TanaCOCORO Asura - Japanese Buddha Statue
[isumu official] TanaCOCORO Asura - Japanese Buddha Statue
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Barcode: 4580238652791
Brand: TanaCOCORO[掌] 阿修羅
Model: 000000000119
Made in: 中国製
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Product Description
Spacial Movie: https://youtu.be/I1y-iOpwPS4
multi angle 360: https://isumu.sub.jp/360/tc/asyura/

Asyura is a tutelary deity associated with Gautama Buddha and his people.In the early age of Hinduism, Asyura was constantly waging war against Indrah. He later turned away from his anger and took refuge in the Buddha to become a dharmap?la (a defender of Dharma).
This Asyura is one of the most popular Buddhist statues in Japan. In 2009, 940,000 people visited the exhibition “The National Treasure ASHURA and Masterpieces from Kohfukuji” held in Tokyo.
The statue takes the form of a handsome young man, and has gained popularity owing to the delicacy of its expression and its elegant eight-limbed figure.
Size: 180(H)×110(W)×61(D)mm /weight: 220(g)

isumu -Japanese Buddha Statue as Interior Decor

isumu was created to present traditional Buddhist statues as art objects.
We recommend a new lifestyle where traditional art can become a part of your day-to-day world. Produced using modern materials and technology, our Buddhist statues combine an ancient presence and with unsurpassed quality, suitable to be admired as interior decor.

* Isumu home page:
English: http://isumu.jp/en/top-en/
Traditional Chinese: http://isumu.jp/zh/top-zh/

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