ZENMARKET X 支付宝 2021.3.4-3.17迎春满减优惠 充值2000元立减80元 限时限量 先到先得 点击查看更多详情


Hello everyone!
ZenPop is a service from ZenMarket that delivers boxes of hand selected Japanese goods all over the world for a set low price. It's the most convenient way to try new Japanese snacks, noodles, beauty products, and stationery items. Please visit https://zenpop.jp to see all of our current offerrings. Subscription plans are also available to those who want a new surprise every month!
Each month, ZenPop packs contain must-try items in each category and we love finding new items to share with people outside Japan. Every month, new packs are available, but sometimes we still have some packs leftover. Now we are able to make some of our older packs available for purchase for those that missed them the first time. Please take a look! :)