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Who Won Big at Crunchyroll Anime Awards? Top Anime Revealed!

Find out which anime dominated the Crunchyroll Awards! All the winners and surprises await!
Article | 23/05/2024 | AnimeAnime/Manga

Ichiban Kuji: What are they and how to get them

Ichiba Kuji refers to a type of lottery or raffle system commonly found in Japan, particularly in the context of merchandise and collectibles related to popular anime, manga, video games, and other forms of entertainment. In an Ichiba Kuji, customers purchase tickets or lottery draws, often priced at a fixed amount, and these tickets correspond to a chance to win various items or prizes. The prizes are usually categorized into different tiers or levels, with some being more valuable or rare than others.

Everything You Need to Know About JUJUTSU KAISEN

An introduction to Jujutsu Kaisen and all you need about the anime. ZenMarket also helps you get your hands on all the Jujutsu Kaisen Merchandise!
Article | 28/12/2023 | AnimeAnime/Manga

Explore the World of Japanese Retro Gaming! Five Ideas for Collectors

With collaboration with Nook Gaming, they delve deeper about retro video games that did not leave Japan, and some recommendations on how to get them with ZenMarket. If you are an avid retro game collector, this is definitely a must read!

Best Yuri Manga Series To Start With

What is Yuri? "百合" (yuri) refers to romantic relationships between girls, but it doesn't necessarily equate to lesbian relationships. It's more about pure and deep admiration, emotional connections, and romantic love on a spiritual level between female characters. Dive into these heart-warming and captivating romance with our list of best 10 Yuri comics for beginners.

Guys can like Sanrio stuff too! Guide to the Sanrio Danshi Anime

Guys can like Sanrio characters too! Let's do a deep dive about Sanrio characters' stance on Boys liking Sanrio characters and a whole new world of Sanrio Danshi.

How to buy from Shounen Jump Shop?

Here you can go through the step by step tutorial on how to buy from Jump Shop Japan! You can buy merch of famous shonen jump series such as, one piece, jujutsu kaisen, dragon ball, Oshinoko, Dragon Quest and many more!
Article | 29/09/2023 | AnimeAnime/Manga

Top Sites For Anime/Character Collaboration Goods

Looking for anime collaboration merchandise? Want to buy collaboration goods that are only available in Japan? Read more for where to shop online for anime and character collaboration goods in Japan.
Article | 20/09/2023 | AnimeAnime/Manga

A Complete History of Comiket

A complete history of Comiket. When did Comiket started? Why did Comiket become big? Where did Comiket took place? All questions to everything about Comiket in Japan answered.

The Ultimate Guide to Comiket

Read and learn everything you need to know about Comiket's history, activities, dates and many more. We delved deeper for all the information we can find about Comiket for everyone who is interested in going to Comiket or just out of curiosity alone.
Article | 02/08/2023 | AnimeAnime/Mangamanga