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When you order from Japanese shops through the ZenPlus platform, you automatically enjoy all the benefits of our premium service:

  • No waiting for price checks! Your order is processed immediately.
  • We waive the service fee! All items added on ZenPlus are free of the standard ZenMarket service fee.
  • 3% rebate on all ZenPlus items after shipping, plus hundreds of items on discount!
  • Only reliable sellers! Only the sellers that we choose to work with are allowed to sell through our ZenPlus platform.
  • Enjoy our guarantee of quality and customer protection. If you purchase a new item and it’s not as described, you are entitled to compensation.
To purchase from ZenPlus you need to be registered at - if you are not yet registered, please sign up through the form on this page.

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ZenPlus is an e-commerce platform where you can buy goods directly from Japanese retailers with the click of a button. We take special care to curate only the best shops for our marketplace, so you can rest easy knowing you will get top quality products at reasonable prices.


You don't need to be in Japan to shop like the Japanese. Sign up for a free account on ZenPlus now and enjoy buying and shipping to over a hundred countries, directly from Japanese online stores. You can ship your items internationally through JP Post (EMS, Avia), UPS, DHL, FedEx and others. Get all the popular items such as anime goods, fishing tackle, Japanese fashion, watches from Japan, street fashion items, idol merchandise and much, much more!


We work directly with Japanese shops registered with ZenPlus, so all internal processes are faster and more efficient - the result is a swift and affordable service, ready for you when you need it most. You have instant access to over a thousand stores in Japan with just one click! Shop just as if you were in Japan, without spending a fortune. We'll get you the best deal possible from a vast collection of items from Japan. Join the ranks of people who prefer ZenPlus as their Japanese Marketplace.


Communication can be one of the biggest barriers when buying from Japan online. But it doesn't have to be that way. With ZenPlus, you are protected from many of the risks of international e-commerce: we will take care of the communication, any questions or claims directly with the shops. If your item is not as promised, we will protect you, the buyer. We can provide a full refund if the item is not genuine, and a partial refund if it's not as promised. Feel free to ask us for more info about any of the items or shops on ZenPlus!

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What people are saying about ZenPlus Online


Great place to buy from Japan, at Japan prices. No markups or hidden costs or anything. Seems they really have the customer's best interests in mind.
Such a relief knowing that shipping out of Japan would be taken care of by the ZenPlus team. More time for me to focus on actual shopping!
Games arrived earlier this morning. Neatly packed and well-protected. These are a belated present for a friend, so the fast delivery was a real lifesaver. Thank you!


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