Journey / Kyoto, Japan 1983 2CD-R
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Live At Kyoto Kaikan Hall, Kyoto, Japan February 28th 1983
DISC ONE 01. Elmo's Theme / Chain Reaction 02. Wheel In The Sky 03. Line Of Fire 04. Send Her My Love 05. Still They Ride 06. Open Arms 07. No More Lies 08. Back Talk 09. Jonathan Cain - Keyboards Solo 10. Frontiers 11. Rubicon 12. Steve Smith - Drums Solo
13. Edge Of The Blade 14. Faithfully
DISC TWO 01. Who's Crying Now 02. Don't Stop Believin' 03. Stone In Love 04. Keep On Runnin' 05. Any Way You Want It 06. Escape 07. Separate Ways (World's Apart) 08. After The Fall 09. Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' 10. Don't Fight It
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