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01. THE LOVERY LINDA/02. THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING/03. VALENTINE DAY/04. EVERY NIGHT/05. HOT AS SUN / GLASSES/06. SUICIDE/07. JUNK/08. MAN WE WAS LONELY/09. OO YOU/10. MOMMA MISS AMERICA/11. TEDDY BOY/12. SINGALONG JUNK/13. MAYBE I'M AMAZED/14. KREEN-AKRORE/15. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (Piano / Organ Track)/16. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (Guitar Track)/17. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (Additional Guitar Track)18. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (Bass Track)/19. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (Drums Track)/20. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (Backing Tracks)/21. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (Vocal Track)/22. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (Naked Mix)/23. THE LOVERY LINDA (Acoustic 2001)/24. THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING (Acoustic 2001)/25. MAYBE I'M AMAZED (New Remix 2020)

New Remix And Remasters Compilation 2020
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