Sailor Moon Make Up Moisture Mask
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Our skin needs high-quality care and moistening with coming of cold season.
Sailor Moon Make Up Moisture Mask will take care of your skin!

• You can use it during taking a bath
• raspberry extract helps to moisturize your skin
• royal jelly extract keeps humidity
• lactobacilli and fermented pear juice will take care of elasticity
• grape leaves extract improves skin texture
• Alpinia extract gives your skin a healthy natural shine
• paraben free
• alcohol free

How to use:
- Wash your face before using.
- Remove the mask from the package and expand. Apply it on the face with clean hands.
- After 10 minutes remove the mask. Gently massage your face to remove the remaining liquid.
- Please, abstain from using, if having a skin rush.

Includes 5 masks.
Country of origin: Japan.
How much will it cost?
The limit of weight of package is kg