Cod liver oil gummy candies for kids banana taste (100 drops)
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Banana taste
Contents: sugar, glutinous starch syrup, powder starch (soya included), sorbitol, vitamin C, gelatizing agent (pectin), gloss agent, pH adjuster, essence, vitamin A, thickening agent (Gum arabic), emulsifier, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D (raw material partly includes soya), products with nutrient function claims: V.A, V.B2, V.B6, V.D

Producer: Unimatriken Co. Ltd.

Quantity: 100 drops

Size: 140×30×140mm

Both children and adults can enjoy these liver oil drops of a convenient size, so easy to consume
Vitamin A supports the ability of night vision
Vitamins A and B2 maintain the health of skin and mucous membrane
Vitamin B6 favors energy production from protein and maintains the health of skin and mucous membrane
Vitamin D favors the absorption of calcium by the intestinal tract and regulates the functions of the stomach
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