SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker II
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Excellent sound in the size of your palm
SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth speaker II allows you to enjoy music everywhere, even during moving. Despite its compact size it can produce an incredibly deep and natural sound with rich bass range, which exceeds imagination. You can wirelessly connect this speaker to your smartphone, tablet and other Bluetooth devices to enjoy music, videos, games anytime and anywhere. In addition, since it has a built-in speakerphone, you can use it for your phone calls, too, for a great quality sound. Bluetooth connection procedure is voice-guided and very easy to set up. The battery is rechargeable and allows a continuous playback of up to 10 hours.
The set includes SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth speaker II, charging cradle, power supply adapter and USB cable.

Speaker: 5.1 cm x 18 cm x 5.9 cm (0.67 kg)
Charging cradle: 1.59 cm x 15.75 cm x 5.1 cm (80 g)
Power supply adapter: 6.1 cm x 4.8 cm x 1.5 cm
USB cable: 100 cm
Maximum wireless communication distance: 10 m
Battery life: up to 10 hours
Power supply voltage: AC 100V-240V (50/60 Hz)
Input and output:φ3.5 mm stereo mini-jack; micro-USB terminal
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