KAO Megurhythm Warming Eye Mask
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Eye mask, which effectively helps you and your tired eyes to relax. The mask instantly heats up to about 40 ° C and pleasant warmth lasts for 10 minutes.
Ideal for use at home, during a break at work or while traveling by plane or train.
With the mask you will fall asleep quickly and will be able to fully relax. Suitable for use in any position, sitting or lying.

How to use:
Remove mask from package and it immediately begins to warm. Expand the mask and put it on the face.

- Do not use simultaneously with other eye masks.
- If you use eye medicines, wait a while after applying before using the mask.
- Can cause damage to your makeup.

Includes 14 masks.
No aroma.
How much will it cost?
The limit of weight of package is kg