Braun Oral B electric toothbrush PRO1000 Black
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This is an electric toothbrush from "Oral B PRO 5" series, presented by Procter & Gamble Japan (P&G) under small household appliances brand "Braun".
This toothbrush is equipped with a "Multi-action brush". Its bristles are crossed and inclined to 16 degrees, which has allowed to increase its plaque removal efficacy up to 99.8% in comparison with a usual brush.
The Oral B brush incorporates a "3D round rotation" technology, which allows it to wrap around each tooth and polish them with high-speed movements, cleaning even spaces between teeth.
The PRO1000 model also has a special "gum care mode", which, if used in combination with a multi-action brush, can effectively brush and massage gums, too.

Size: 27 × 34 × 195 mm;
Weight: about 131 g;
Power system: rechargeable; AC100V 50/60Hz;
Power consumption: 0.9W;
Set accessories: main body, multi-action brush (EB50), travel case, charger;
Charging time: about 22 hours;
Battery duration: about 7 days (for twice a day usage, about 2 minutes each);
Maximum frequency: up and down vibration – about 40000 times per minute; left to right rotation – 8800 times per minute.
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