Son Bahyu Horse Oil Cream
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The main ingredient of the Son Bahyu cream is 100% pure horse oil, produced in Japan.
It is made of a high quality fat taken from the horses of a which are bred in Kumamoto prefecture.
The purification process involves only steaming and no chemicals are used, so the natural properties of the oil are completely preserved.
The cream easily penetrates the skin leaving no greasiness due to its unique highly unsaturated fatty acid composition. It is allergen-free and can be used for a delicate and dry skin.
The cream prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn and can be used as a foundation for a sunscreen, as well as a usual makeup foundation.
Just wait for 5-6 minutes between applying the cream and the sunscreen or makeup.
Son Bahyu cream is fragrance-free, additive-free and is harmless even if gets into the mouth, so it is suitable for babies, too.
This cream can be applied both in the morning and in the evening, not only as a face cream, but also as a body cream.
Please try out the effect of the horse oil, a traditional skin care treatment.

Contents: 70ml
Ingredients: 100% horse oil, additive-free
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