Super Pore Care Lotion from Labo Labo 100ml
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We would like to present one of the one of the amazing Japanese cosmetics agent for your precious skin.

Japanese cosmetics are all very good and it may be hard to choose from that amount.
That’s why here we recommend Super Pore Care Lotion from Labo Labo.

Super Pore Care Lotion gently cleans horny layer and returns skin’s natural transparency.
Also thanks to increased amount of moisturizing ingredients, your skin becomes softer and healthier.
Lotion has a nice smell of orange oil.
After using the lotion you will get silky and fresh skin.
Moreover, Super Pores Lotion will close opened pores, so that your skin will continue being beautiful.

This product is good for everyday use.
How much will it cost?
The limit of weight of package is kg