Rice cooker Zojirushi NP-QA06-WZ
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Making rice could not be easier!
A rice cooker( called "suihanki" in Japanese) is an electric appliance that was created to boil rice.
Rice cookers were developed in Japan before World War 2, and are known as suihanki.
As there are different types of rice, almost each rice cooker model can be optimized to cook a specific type of rice to reach its best taste.

Zojirushi maker rice cooker has a non-stick removable inner pot, and inner insulator tnat keeps rice warm.
Also, induction heating (IH) technology helps the rice cooker to make good temperature adjustments for heating.
This 3.5 cup sized rice cooker is ideal for for singles or smaller families.

Model No. - NP-QA06-WZ
Capacity - 3.5 cups
Dimensions (W x D x H) - 265x225x320 mm
Weight - 6 kg
Color - White
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