Health supplement with lactobacteria «S-granules»
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The complex consists of a combination of three different species of lactobacilli, which support the work of intestines.
The human intestine is home to about a hundred different kinds of microorganisms. When a person is healthy, beneficial bacteria are the dominant species. But when the human immune system weakens with age or as a result of illness or stress the number of pathogenic bacteria in intestine starts to increase. And that ruins the balance of microflora in the human organism.
There are three kinds of beneficial bacteria included in the «S-granules» health supplement: bifidobacteria (help intestines to work properly), enterococci faecalis (restore the balance of intestinal microflora) and Lactobacillus acidophilus (control the amount of harmful bacteria). All these beneficial bacteria reach the intestines alive, and help your organism to return to a balanced work.
The granules have a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, and are suitable for everyone, from babies to elder people.

There is also a special measuring spoon attached, which facilitates the measurement of the required amount of granules. The granules are recommended to be taken after meals three times a day; the dozing depends on the age of a person:
1) for infants up to 3 months – taking is prohibited;
2) for children from 3 months to 4 years - to take 1/3 grams (one measuring spoon) at a time;
3) for children from 5 to 15 years - to take 2/3 grams (two measuring spoons) at a time;
4) for people over 15 years old - to take 1 g (three measuring spoons) at a time.
In addition, make sure you have consulted the paediatrician before giving the granules to the children.
It is necessary to take granules correctly without changing the recommended dozing.

If you are in the process of treatment, make sure you have consulted with the doctor before taking the granules.
In case you still feel bloating and fullness in the stomach or experience any problems with the stool after you have been taking the granules for one month, stop taking «S-granules» and consult the doctor.
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