Cooling patch «Netsusama» to reduce fever in babies
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"Netsusama" patch will help to reduce fever in babies effectively and quickly. Stick a plaster on the forehead of the baby and it won’t come off even if the child tosses during sleep. The patch does not contain flavoring or coloring agents and is perfectly sized for babies. The liquid contained in the patch promotes a rapid reduction in temperature. Suitable for babies (0-2 years). 12 pieces included.

How to use:
- Take off the transparent film and stick it on the body part that needs to be cooled.
-If there is any sweat, wipe it carefully before use. Also, if the patch is resticked it starts to stick worse, so try to avoid it if possible.
- The cooling effect lasts for about 4 hours. Depending on the degree of the fever this period can vary. If you feel that the patch is no longer effective, detach it.
- Use one patch only once.
- Store in a refrigerator. After cooling efficiency of the patch is improved. (Do not put it in the freezer. This may lead to changes in the patch action.)

- If during usage the baby feels discomfort (pain or irritation), or if the swelling or rash appears on the skin, stop use immediately. If the problem has not disappeared with time visit a doctor.
- When using the patch for babies or people with disabilities there can occur cases of sticking plaster on the mouth or nose or putting the patch in the mouth that can cause stop of breath. So please keep this in mind and carefully monitor patients.
- Because the patch is not a medicine if the fever lasts for a long time or permanently rises again be sure to consult a doctor.
- Do not use if skin damage or burns are present.
- After the opening cooling effect passes quickly, so try to use as quickly as possible.
- Store in a cool place, avoid high temperatures.
How much will it cost?
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