ANESSA perfect UV sunscreen aqua booster 25 ml
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This UV sunscreen incorporates an aqua booster technology, which means that contact with water or sweat makes the protective layer against ultraviolet rays even stronger. The sunscreen has a super water-proof type of protection which has successfully undergone an 80-minute water bath test. The sunscreen’s features also include an anti-ultraviolet damage system protecting skin from drying and other damages caused by ultraviolet rays.
It can be easily washed off with soap.

How to use
● This is a two-layer sunscreen, so please shake it very well before usage.
● Face and neck: after having finished your morning washing routine, take an appropriate amount of the sunscreen and apply it gently and evenly on your skin.
Body: apply the sunscreen directly on your skin from the container and then evenly rub it in with circular motions.
● Please note that the small amount of sunscreen reduces the UV protection effect.
● After having wiped sweat with towel or tissue, apply the sunscreen once again if necessary.
● Gently wash off the sunscreen with the face wash you usually use.

Size: 25 ml
Maker: Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Country of origin: Japan
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