IRIS OHYAMA PM2.5 Air Cleaner
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Let us introduce you the Iris Ohyama air cleaner.
It has a mounted liquid crystal panel which displays the concentration of dust in the air and allows you to control your room environment on a daily basis. It is able to remove up to 99.9% of the house dust due to its dust absorbing capabilities.
There are four air volume modes: quiet, standard, strong and turbo. The turbo mode enables the cleaner to quickly absorb the dirty air with its high-speed fan rotation. It absorbs dust rotating in three directions, which allows it to momentarily clean up even a large living room.

There are three types of filters built in (dust collection filter or HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, pre-filter) and their high air cleaning capabilities easily remove pollen allergens, different kinds of dust, tobacco odor and other micro particles polluting the air. When the time to replace the filter comes, you will get notified about it with a special lamp identifier.

Product size: 40 × 16.4 × 53.6 cm; power cord length: 2m
Weight: 5.5 kg
Power: AC 100V
Power consumption (50/ 0Hz): quiet mode 28/25, standard mode 48/42, strong mode 50/49 strength, turbo mode 53/55
Application area: 28m2 (17 tatami mats)
Air volume (50/60Hz): quiet mode 1.2/1.0m2 per minute, standard mode 2.9/2.9m2 per minute, strong mode 3.1/3.2m2 per minute, turbo mode 3.7/3.9m2 per minute
Cleaning time (13m2 or 8 tatami mats): 13 minutes (turbo mode)
Country of origin: China
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