SHISEIDO BENEFIQUE Beauty Booster anti-aging tablets
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Manufacturer: SHISEIDO
Release Date: 2015/09/20

Keep your innner and outer beauty and health with double gingers presented by Shiseido’s specialty fomula.
It is well-known fact that ginger is very effective for people (especially women) suffer from sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Product Description:
Contains Double Ginger (dried and steamed), Siberian ginseng, cinnamon extract, as well as coenzyme Q10 and 12 beauty ingredients like vitamins and iron, all condensed into two easy pills. This dietary supplement helps create beauty that starts within. Perfect for those who suffer from poor circulation and chills, this using other Benefique skincare products, and those who want the best in beauty care.

Nutrition Facts (two tablets - 0.624g) per energy: 2.5kcal / protein: 0.069g / lipid: 0.066g / carbohydrates: 0.41g / Sodium: 0.46mg (sodium chloride equivalent: 0.0012g)

Active ingredients:
Vitamin B1 (4 mg), vitamin B2 (4 mg), vitamin B6 (4 mg), vitamin E (10 mg), iron (3mg), coenzyme Q10 (30 mg), ginger powder, ginseng extract Siberian, maltitol, GABA (γ - aminobutyric acid), vegetable oil, cinnamon extract, black pepper extract, maltodextrin, cellulose, starch, ferric pyrophosphate, silica, stearic acid, calcium, HPC, carotene colorant Monascus.
Instruction of Use:
2 tablets per day with glass of water.
*Store cool place and avoid heat and humidity.
*Please consult with your doctor before taking any type of wellness products.
*Please avoid food allergy.
*Please keep off if you are in pregnancy or in breast feeding.
How much will it cost?
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