Soup machine TIGER SKX-A100-W - machine that makes soup!
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It has two main cooking options: soup and cream-soup. Just put your ingredients inside and in 30 minutes a hot soup will be coked. By using the heating function by can enjoy just-cooked-soup anytime. Cooking temperature is regulated by an induction heater. Cooking starts at high temperature, then it is lowered to cook vegetables thoroughly and reveal their best taste. It also can be used as food processor to finely chop any ingredients (about 650g, which is four salisbury steakes). The cup is made of stainless steel and there is an exclusive ladle included.
* For the safe use , please, don’t touch the cutter directly. Don’t open the cups lid and check on ingredients during cooking process. Put insude only cooking ingredients. Separate processors parts only when it is turned off and unplugged. Unplug device while not using it. Keep out of children's reach

Advantages of TIGER Soup machine
⦁ Induction heater
Cooks ingredients thoughtfully revealing it’s best taste and prevent burning.
⦁ Two cooking options and heating option.
In 30 minutes you can cook soup or cream-soup. Also when soup is almost cooked you may add milk or dairy cream and finish it using heating function. You also cam reheat it.
⦁ Cutter
It also can be used as cutter to finily chop meat etc.
⦁ An exclusive ladle and cooking book with 40 recepies (japanese) are included!

⦁ Size(approximately): 19.2×30.5×24.9cm
⦁ Weight: 3.4kg
⦁ Materials: body and cups cover – PP, cup - stainless steel (SUS304), lid – glass and PP, cutter – PP and stainless steel.
⦁ Charging: 100V
⦁ Power consumption: induction heater – 300W, motor – 240W
⦁ Ladle, a brush with a spatula, cooking book
⦁ Time: 30 min
⦁ Capacity: 600ml/650g
How much will it cost?
The limit of weight of package is kg