Yonanas maker
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Yonanas is a delicious sweet dish made of frozen fruit.
Its texture resembles both Italian gelato and ice cream, but it doesn’t use sugar, milk or eggs, so it’s 100% healthy. You get all the vitamins, minerals and fiber contained in fruit in a cool creamy delicacy.
You can prepare Yonanas with frozen or boiled vegetables, too. If you mix vegetables with fruit in Yonanas, even kids who don’t like vegetables would enjoy such dessert.
Preparing Yonanas is incredibly easy with this appliance from Dole.
First, you need to peel the skin off your favourite fruit and freeze it. After that just put the fruit into the Yonanas maker, squash it and it is ready!

If you put a normal temperature fruit in the Yonanas maker, it will get finely grated, making it a suitable dish for babies, too.
You can prepare Yonanas for breakfast, family lunch, party with friends and many other occasions.
Let’s enjoy Yonanas with ZenMarket!

*The item is designed to work with voltage 100V.
For countries with different type of voltage, please purchase an electric transformer.
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