Automatic cleaning robot LAQULITO CZ-860-RB
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This robot will help you to keep your house clean. It can be a basic or an additional cleaning device.
It has 2 round brushes, which can easily reach to dust and dirt in room corners. It is good for parquetry, tatami and carpets, cleans dirt and hair.
Cleaning area is 25 m2.
It charges vertically in stand, so it won`t take much space.
Charging time is 4 hours.
It has 3 sensors, which detect height level and prevent it from falling (from steps etc). Still it can overcome up to 7,5 mm height, so slight difference in height level won`t be a problem.
It has 3 cleaning pattern: spiral, random and along the wall.

Size (device itself): 27 cm х 27 cm х 7,6 сm
Weight (device and battery): 1.5 kg
Made in China
Battery: NiCd battery (change once a year)
Power consumption: 12 W
Accessories: charging stand (1 pcs), round brushes (2 pcs), battery (1 pcs), AC adapter (1 pcs)
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The limit of weight of package is kg