How to buy from Kapital

Kapital is popular Japanese brand of clothes. It's quality and unique design need no intoduction.

They have 4 sewing factories in various parts of Japan, and decontaminating factory KOUNTRY.

Here we will briefly explain, how to use their web-shop to purchase items you wish.

The webshop is written mostly in English, so it might be quite easy to navigate for customers from English-speaking countries.

However, Kapital sends items only to location within Japan, so you will absolutely need the help of proxy service, such as Zenmarket, in order to purchase items from this shop.


Items are separated in several categories - MEN'S, KID'S, WOMEN'S etc. There is no search field, but you can use "search by size option" in the left corner of the site - 

 If you put the check in the checkbox, this means "to search only for items in stock", which is a useful option.


When you find the item you like, you may click on it, and will be taken to the item's page. It looks like this -

Information about the item is written mostly in Japanese. You may use automatic translator, or ask our staff to help you with the translation.

Usually there are few colour and size options to choose from.

Unique options

There are two options on the item page, which are unique to Kapital web shop.

One is called サイズ表を見る, which means "see the size chart". If you click on it, you can see the exact size of the item in cm.

The other one is 在庫を確認する, which means "check the availability of the item in stock". If you choose this option, you can immediatly check the availability of item in real time (circle means "available", triangle - "only limited quantity available", cross means "not available").

This option is very rare for online shops, and in our humble opinion, very useful.


Prices on the Kapital Web Shop are not cheap, but usually cheaper than same items, sold in US or other foreign country. 

Considering excellent quality of the products they provide, we think it is safe to say, that prices are not that expensive.

How ZenMarket helps you

As we have mentioned, it is impossible to purchase Kapital products without the help of proxy.

In order to make a purchase, 

1. Copy the URL of the item page you want to buy.

2. Paste it into the search box on our top page or click the “Add a shop or auction item URL” on your account page.

3. Please don’t forget to tell us what color and size you prefer.


Hope to see you soon on our website!

Review| 25/02/2016 | MEN'S FASHIONFashionJapanese brandsKapital