ZenPop: Sweets, Ramen, Beauty, or Stationery Boxes Delivered from Japan to Your Door!

Looking to try out some new and exciting Japanese sweets and snacks? Interested in cute and quality stationery from Japan? If you want such a treat each month on your doorstep from the country most exotic and full of surprises, ZenPop is for you!

ZenPop is a subscription box service provided by ZenMarket. ZenPop offers an amazing hand-picked selection of Japanese snacks, noodles, stationery or beauty products delivered straight to your door. Each curated box is filled with tried-and-true goods popular in Japan and often times found no where else.

You can choose Sweets, Ramen, Beauty, or Stationery for less than $30 and that includes free shipping. Savor the fantastic flavors and experiences from Japan!

Japanese Sweets Packs

Mix box - Zenpop


In this pack you'll find an assortment of classic and trendy Japanese sweets & snacks! Some of our choices are signature Japanese treats, and others are among those most crazy or whimsical that you must wanna have a try at. Japanese snacks look and taste amusing. We hope you'll enjoy them all!


Japanese Ramen Packs

Japanese Ramen Packs - Zenpop


Japanese instant noodles are not just a lifesaver for those who prefer fast and convenient meals. Each of them represents the tastes unique to some popular local ramen franchise or the flavors typical of Japanese cuisine. ZenPop's collection of noodles are full of diversity and joy!


Japanese Beauty Packs

Japanese Beauty Packs - Zenpop


Japanese cosmetics are affordable yet come with good quality. People's dedication to make-up, haircare or skincare keeps the market competitive, motivating beauty companies to produce fine cosmetics. ZenPop's Beauty Pack is an excellent mix of stylish, functional and credible aesthetic products. 


Japanese Stationery Packs

Japanese Stationery Packs - Zenpop


Japan, the land of toys and fandom, offers you a great deal of design-centric stationery, but never at the cost of functionality. While kawaii products are the speciality of ZenPop's Stationery Box, they come with real use. Enjoy this great source of fun and convenience!


Japanese Ramen + Sweets MIX Packs

Japanese Ramen + Sweets MIX Packs - Zenpop


For those who wish to devour the best of Japanese noodles and snacks, here is a perfect selection from us! This Mix Pack is also most suitable when you want to share some fun with your friends, families or even neighbors! It's the cheapest pack too.


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Luna is our beloved character embodying cheerfulness and curiosity. Believe it or not, she's a bouncy bunny girl who loves takoyaki and dislikes the dentist. If you're lucky enough, Luna sometimes finds her way into your subscription box as a plush toy!


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