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  • About Our New Business Co-operation

We have begun co-operating with Hishinuma Trading Inc. on seeking new business opportunities for each other. We both introduce each other’s services to our customers and clients who would aspire to utilize them.

If you want to purchase products and materials in bulk from Japan, we recommend Hishinuma as your supplier!

They are pleased to help you find your ideal goods, so feel free to contact them!


  • About Hishinuma Trading Inc.

Hishinuma Trading Inc. is a Japanese trading firm who are engaged in importing and exporting a wide range of products including interior items, daily commodities, and building materials. They also commit themselves to providing comprehensive trade assistance to small to medium sized Japanese companies with their expertise and know-how on trading.

Since its establishment, they have developed business connections with companies in Germany, Italy, Thailand and many other European and ASEAN countries.


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  • Company Information


Company Address203 Semba Building, 2-5-8 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0047


Managing Director: Ichiro Hishinuma

Contents of Business: Provision of trade support for small to medium-sized companies; importing and selling of interior items, building materials, and daily sundries; exporting of foodstuff

Main Commodities: Sanitary goods (Dental floss picks, cotton swabs), food containers made of paper, Confectionery supplies, industrial materials, furniture, flooring, Agricultural and fishery products and processed products based thereon, and alcoholic beverages  

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