New convenient functions added to the “Packages” menu!

Dear customers,

Today we are happy to introduce some new functions that are now possible when creating a package on our site. These functions are meant to make your experience with ZenMarket smoother and more enjoyable.

It often happens that your purchased items don’t fit with the shipping method that you choose.
Most often it happens when a customer wishes to use the Small Packet type of delivery, but it also happens with other methods.
In the past, in these cases we ask you every time about what you wish to do with the parcel, and then we wait for your answer. This communication took a lot of time, and might have felt tiresome for some customers.

Now it’s possible to choose a preferred packing strategy while creating a parcel.
The system will automatically ask you what to do if items don’t fit with your initial choice.

The choices are:
1) Leave some items in the warehouse.
2) Use the next cheapest shipping option (we choose the best option for the items depending on size, weight, etc.).
3) Split items into two or more parcels.

Once you choose one of the options, our system will remember it, and use it as a default option.
It will also be possible to change your preferred packing strategy at any time.

It’s very easy to use, and saves a lot of time.
We hope that this function will be helpful to you.

Please enjoy shopping with ZenMarket.

News| 22/09/2016 |